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Andrea, aka 2010VanFan, embodies the local passion for the Games

Just when you think everybody out there is a big downer when it comes to the 2010 Games, someone comes along to surprise you. You wouldn't think that there are some of us who are excited about the 2010 Olympics if, for example, you picked up the Vancouver Courier and read their "letter of the week":

...I hope the Games are a dismal failure. Because unless someone can figure out a way to take the greed, profiteering and infringement on personal freedoms out of the Games, we're better off without them.

Gosh, you get the feeling the folks around the Courier's offices must taser each other for fun.

Then there was the prediction by poverty activists that Olympics evictions would skyrocket, and that Vancouver's homeless would be shipped against their will to a camp in the Fraser Valley. In fact, a study reported in the left-leaning Georgia Straight newspaper proves this hasn't has happened, and the Games have had no negative impact on local tenants. Even Vancouver's #1 Games detractor Chris Shaw was derided by Straight readers for his overflowing cynicism.

No, the fact is the nattering nabobs of negativism are in the minority. But what is really rare is someone whose embrace of the 2010 Games is so joyous that it completely sets them apart from everyone else. That "super fan" of the Games is a blogger named Andrea (I don't know her last name), also known as 2010vanfan.

My name is Andrea. I am a BC (British Columbian) girl by birth and more recently a Vancouver girl. I love this city. We’ve got the ocean, lots of trees, a beautiful city and soaring mountains. I can’t imagine needing anything else. Except perhaps the Olympics!

We've been building our list of 2010 Free Events here at CityCaucus.com for the last 6 weeks or so, but 2010vanfan has been counting down for the Games for months. In fact, we cannot find anyone else who has more exhaustively covered the milestones leading up to the 2010 Games than Andrea has.

2010 Venues Google Maps by 2010VanFan.caHer photos published just the other day of the Salt Building at the Olympic Athlete's Village are some of the best we've seen yet. Andrea's Google Map created of all the Games' venues, both for the Olympics and the cultural events, plus transportation links, is exhaustive. It clearly took hours to create. We now link to it on our page, and highly recommend that you check it out.

Andrea's image on her bio page shows her wearing 2010 Olympics pins galore. She's wearing her 2010 fleece jacket, which I gather she got either as a volunteer or from her job working at the Bay's 2010 merchandise store.

Andrea took the time to get accredited for the Media Centre at Robson Square so she can keep reporting on all the activities surrounding 2010 on her blog.

If you're excited about the Games, then we strongly recommend that you follow 2010vanfan.ca. It really embodies the positive spirit of our city, which I realize is sometimes masked by a grimace, but thankfully people like Andrea show us all how it's done.

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You know, this is so refreshing!! Thanks for publishing this and her link. I was pretty sick and tired of hearing and listening to the complainers so this is like a breath of fresh air. I'm totally excited the Games are almost upon us!

Andrea's blog is awesome! It's so nice to read about other people that are as excited as I am for the Games.

Well I wouldn't exactly say that Chris Shaw was "derided by Straight readers." More accurately he received a load of deranged abuse from the usual anonymous losers along with plenty of supporting comments.

Wishing for bad weather is pathetic and pointless, as is planning to spoil people's visits here. That doesn't mean that the criticisms of these games aren't valid, in fact I have yet to hear them refuted without evasion of established facts or resort to ad hominem attacks.

I have been following Andrea's 2010 Olympic journey the moment that she was captured in the Global BC story earlier this week. She IS doing a stand-up job to show our city, province, & country, the most coverage possible to the world.

Andrea has the wonderful support from her parents & family, in allowing their daughter to experience this once in a lifetime world event right here on Vancouver's doorstep!

Keep up the great job Andrea! You're making many Vancouverites & Canadians very proud of this outstanding effort!

I have been reading through some of your older posts and saw this one on Andrea. She is doing a great job on her blog and representing all bloggers very well. I have met Andrea through blogging and other Olympic related stuff.
I am from Toronto and am coming to Vancouver to see the Olympics. I wanted you to know that several people from Vancouver have contacted me through my blog and they are loving the Olympics being in their town. They have great enthusiasm and pride for their city. I can't wait to get to Vancouver and share that with them.
See you soon Vancouver!

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