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My colleague Mike Klassen has his 24 Hours column out today and it's already stirring quite a bit of reaction from readers. Because the web link is currently not available, you can find Mike's column by picking up today's paper, or reading Page Five of the digital version of the paper.

Here's a sampling of Mike's column...

“Vancouverites are uptight, dull party-poopers! It’s time to let loose and have a little fun. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt!” It’s hard to argue with this comment e-mailed by 24 hours’ reader Asa Klilou.

It’s true that Vancouver has a well-deserved reputation for being a No-Fun City.

We’re just three weeks from throwing the world’s biggest party, yet Vancouver feels as subdued as the sleepy small town in the ‘80s flick Footloose.

According to a report posted on the City’s website, the reasons why we’re so boring are wide-ranging and systemic. Back in 1983, however, when Footloose hit the big screens, things weren’t as bad.

Vancouver was nearing the end of a five-year artistic renaissance – the greatest in its 125-year history. Music to define the age was coming from D.O.A., The Young Canadians, Pointed Sticks and many others.


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Klassen has hit the nail on the head. People here often don't like to hear as much about their city but beyond a mild climate and some attractive scenery this city fails to instill a sense of fun or adventure that would be the norm in such places as Montreal or New York. Granted Vancouver isn't trying to be any of these on all levels but most certainly it could learn a thing or two if it ever hopes to become more of a world class city from the parochial backwater it truly is.

We’re just three weeks from throwing the world’s biggest party

Actually that would be the FIFA World Cup starting in June in South Africa. T

I may be mistaken here, but didn't this occur under Philip Owen's reign Mike? Vancouver's onto it's third Mayor since and this problem still hasn't been fixed.

Yes, City Hall relaxing its stringent bylaws is one thing. But government can't take the whole blame, nor can they solve the whole issue. I think it will ultimately be up to everyday, entrepreneurial Vancouverites who are willing to organize a block party or parade, open a club outside Granville, and buy tickets to the Arts Club.

Besides, things have been improving. Pride has ballooned in recent years, the Santa Claus Parade is on it's fifth year (I think), Canada Day fireworks have returned, and the Celebration of Light is always outstanding.

The Olympics will wake up the city. There's going to be culture just pouring out of Vancouver for two weeks and once we've had our taste of it, we're not going to want to go back.

..."in the northern hemisphere?" :-)

yea i remember when we were tagged "no fun" is when NPA where in power ..

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