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where 2 be for free! Just a quick update to our readers about the 2010 "Where 2 Be for Free" Venues page. We're amazed at the response both in traffic and supportive messages for this page. We're getting ready to make a whole bunch of new updates, including many international pavilions and a venue dedicated to Canada's north!

Coming soon to our rapidly expanding "Free and Low Cost" 2010 Olympic attractions page are House of Switzerland, located at the French Quarter (aka Granville Island) at the iconic Bridges Bar and Restaurant. We're also adding Germany's Saxony House, and the Irish Pavilion. You tell me where the good times are going to be, folks!

We're also going to eventually be opening up each venue for your comments. We'd like readers who have a chance to visit each venue to report back on what made it worthwhile, and tricks to avoid congestion or line-ups. You will also be able to rave about the live performers – let's give a shout out to (ARTIST NAME HERE)!!

If you haven't checked it out yet, visit the page now. Send a Tweet to your Twitter followers or Share it with your Facebook friends.

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