1 Kingsway: Vancouver's spectacular new community centre!

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Mount Pleasant Community Centre
The new Mount Pleasant Community Centre, aka 1 Kingsway, officially opens today - see photos

My family and I took a quick tour this morning of 1 Kingsway, the Peter Busby designed creation that has been going up, it feels like, for a long time. This innovative project has had its detractors – in particular those who live near the old community centre about 8 blocks away just off Ontario.

Flickr slideshow: 1 Kingsway / Mount Pleasant Community Centre

The new project is indicative of where this kind of public development will be like in the future. Sustainability built into the design, with lots of natural light. A huge gym with a climbing wall, tons of meeting room space, a Vancouver public library branch built into the facility, and a coffee shop (to compete with two more across the street). The space has child care up the yin-yang – out of school care, toddler and pre-school care, and a rooftop playground to die for.

The building houses dozens of units of market rental (one bedrooms at $1250, and 2 bedroom/1 bedroom + den just under $1800). The rental units are being managed by the Colliers company on behalf of the city, and there are several units still available, although there seemed to be considerable interest in them this morning. The rental units are quite nice, and simply appointed. No granite counters, just arborite.

The location – well, what can you say? It's in the coolest neighbourhood of the city at present, and is mere minutes from downtown.

We'll see how quickly the community embraces this facility, and whether the dissatisfaction by some about the move to the relatively busy corner of Kingsway and Main subsides. Needless to say, this is an innovative project combining several important community amenities within one beautifully designed building.

It's another showpiece Vancouver project that will no doubt garner some attention from the world during the Games.


According to housing standards, for quality of life 30% gross income should be spent on housing.
If the rent for a one bedroom at market rate is $1250, then I would need to make $50,000 a year or $24 an hour to afford that rent. Certainly out of reach for the people who make $8/hr minimum or receive $375/month for shelter from BC Benefits.
Where is affordable rental housing in Vancouver?

@tf Simple answer, it doesn't exist. You're kidding yourself with that 30% gross income stat. That hasn't existed in Vancouver in decades. This is the Canadian city with the expensive rent, remember?

I agree with John - $1250 for a new 1bdrm is pretty good. Not great, but not shocking.

Congratulations to the Park Board which has seen fit to include housing over the new Centre. When I suggested it in the 1970s while on the Board the concept fell on deaf ears. It's long overdue. Other locations which would benefit [C.Cs. needing upgrading] are Kerrisdale, Dunbar, etc. If funding was available from the feds, province or a non-profit society it could be part of a legitimate, affordable [ie: not use municipal tax dollars] housing policy. The integration of seniors & social housing with recreation facilities, often in a park setting has many other benefits, including 'eyes on the park & street',establish urban linkages & continuity to adjacent street commercial & residential activities.

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