Where to be - for free - during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games

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CityCaucus.com launches one-stop online venue to track down free or low-cost events taking place leading up to and during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games

During one of my recent appearances on the CKNW civic affairs panel, a caller phoned in and complained the Olympic Games were just for what he called the "elites". Unfortunately, the perception out there by a significant number of people is that the Games are going to be a terrible inconvenience and they only cater to the rich. As a result, a number of people I know are either heading out of town or hunkering down for battle during next February.

The caller's complaint triggered a conversation between myself and host Bill Good about all the free and low-cost activities being planned for Metro Vancouver next January-March, 2010. The problem is finding out about where to go is a herculean challenge. That's why our research team have been working like mad over the last few weeks to compile a "one-stop-shop" location where you can find information on some of the coolest free and low-cost events happening prior to and during the Games. If you want to find out more about how to access paid events for the Games, be sure to visit VANOC's ticket site by clicking here.

We've set up a special page on CityCaucus.com that is dedicated to promoting the numerous cool events and venues that are currently being planned or constructed.

See our 2010 Olympic Games Free Attractions page!

As of today, CityCaucus.com has information on the two LiveCity locations in Vancouver as well as the Quebec, Saskatchewan and Ontario pavilions; Bombadier's free shuttle tram; Granville Island "French Quarter", Abbotsford's Live Site, New Westminster Celebration Square, Richmond's Ozone and much, much more.

This section of CityCaucus.com will be updated regularly as we find out about new and cool events over the coming weeks. We're hoping it becomes a location that both locals and tourists alike will use as a resource to access the dozens of community and corporate events taking place throughout Metro Vancouver. When the events and venues go live, we're encouraging people to come back here and post comments about what they enjoyed most.

Setting it up and doing the research has been a labour of love and we want to thank everyone working with the Olympics and city staff for all their assistance in providing us with the information we were needed to build the page. We hope you enjoy it and please pass this link along to your friends and family if they are planning on partaking in one of the world's premiere events. See you there!

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Hey guys, thanks for this. Somehow, the powers (and partners) that be have had a hard time trying to piece this very important part of the Games puzzle together for the public.

This is the info that will REALLY count for the locals. At least, here they can see their tax dollars at work---and enjoy the experience. Leave the Vancouver Club to the mucky-mucks and snobs

As this is the most expensive party Vancouver will ever host, and BC residents will be forced to help back the over 6 Billion dept through higher taxes, reduced social services, and poorer living conditions, I'm glad to see we're being told where to drown our sorrows.

Too bad there won't be any free entertainment when the check arrives.

Check out BCWineLover.com!

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