Vancouver city managers agree to delay pay increase

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Air traffic control reports that some management pay raises are delayed due to turbulent budgets

While all the unionized employees represented by CUPE are scheduled to get a 4% pay increase on January 1st, Vancouver's city managers are apparently ready to help do their part to balance the budget. In a report posted on the City's website, staff indicate that managers will forgo a portion of their pay increase:

THAT Council approve the recommendation of the Corporate Management Team to change the planned January 1, 2010 salary increase of 4% for exempt staff to a 2% increase commencing January 1, 2010 followed by the remaining 2% increase on July 1, 2010. Council will request that the Library and Police Boards consider this same recommendation for their exempt staff, and that their budgets, the Park Board budget and the City departmental budgets be adjusted accordingly with the savings allocated to Contingency Reserve.

According to City staff, this move will help save a few bucks which will be put into the contingency (aka slush fund) reserve for possible use at a later date:

CMT has recommended that the estimated savings of $650,000 from this
adjusted increase be removed from Boards and departmental budgets and added to the Contingency Reserve, increasing it from $5.3 million to $5.95 million.

There will be cynics who will criticize management's decision not to forgo the increase altogether, however, you have to give them credit nonetheless as this is money out of their pocket. When you consider that the labour unions weren't prepared to put anything on the table, their offer looks downright generous. was the first to confirm that City Manager Penny Ballem is the only member of her team who will forgo the 2010 pay increase of 4%. Her decision set the bar for what was likely a difficult choice for her management team to delay their full pay increase until July 2010.

After indicating their target was a 0% increase, Vancouver council will likely tack on 4-5% more on to residential property bills next year. Last year Vision Vancouver increased taxes by 8% for the average homeowner. We'll try to keep you posted throughout the day on any interesting motions or events that transpire throughout the day as Vision Vancouver passes their second budget since taking office.

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How civil.

Rather than see 4% of the workforce cut, like the unions will allow to happen to their "brothers and sisters", they make a decision that will help them all keep their jobs.

union members were forced out on strike by management and will never be able to recoup those losses. all excempt staff each made in the neighbourhood of $40,000 of OverTime. Then they got the same settlement that the union "brothers and sisters" fought for.

I wonder if the union who make up most of the city staff were asked that question?

As for the comment from jt, you don't seem to understand or want to understand that exempt staff HAD TO work OT, were forced to leave their families in order to get city work done. You make it sound like they were happy as clams. Many of them missed out on time with family. Work or be fired so knock off the crappy low-life attitude. Many of those exempt staff, I might add, found it tough to see their "co-workers" outside so quite a few would bring in coffee, donuts, whatever so that they had at least something as a small show of support. Are you going to knock that too??

i understand that they had no choice, it was a bad situation created by management. Crappy low-life attitude? Give your head a shake, girl.

JT, no way did "all excempt staff each made in the neighbourhood of $40,000 of OverTime." The average was maybe $15,000, which came at the price of three months of very long workdays, not seeing family, having to make special child-care arrangements, lack of sleep, etc.

i stand corrected. that is fine, it wasn't about exempt staff, i feel sorry for the situation they were in. In my first post, i meant more of the high level management.

Good to see everyone is getting along. Civility is one of those things that Vanccouver actually does well.

On to Daniel's article:

"According to City staff, this move will help save a few bucks which will be put into the contingency (aka slush fund) reserve for possible use at a later date"

I'll remember to remind you of the correct terminology for the name of that fund when you're back at city hall, Daniel. yuk yuk!

Just keepin' it real.


Thanks for "keeping it real"...appreciate it. I put that line in only because that's what Vision kept saying to the previous NPA regime when they put money into contingency.

As for going back to city have my assurances that I'm very happy in my current line of work and wouldn't dream of going back. Simply too busy having fun running this blog and getting reacquainted with my family :-)

We "union" brothters and sisters also had to make special child care arrangements with no paycheque, and we also had lack of sleep due to worrying about how we were going to pay the bills with no paycheque...I could go on, but I'm sure you get my no simpathy from me.

hmmm..looks like everyone above would agree no one wins in or during a strike - and it takes a long time to recover after weeks of lost wages...
The article though isnt about lost wages..and I commend Ballem for continuing to opt out...(after reading the title I figured she was still going to get her raise "later"..)
But I am not totally sympathetic to her either as she does make over 25000 a month doing the rough math....and although I like the overall new council and what they have done - I am not totally impressed with the past few weeks ...(and why is my friend Gregor even in Copenhagen?? gimme a break - he is a small town mayor in a big league conference.. come back to town and run your city...)
I think all the exempt staff making over (the high 100,000 and up) should forego the these tough times somebody has to take responsibility and it cant just be Penny....

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