Sullivan meeting with media regarding Simon Chu

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2 comments has just learned that former Mayor Sam Sullivan will be conducting a media availability session this afternoon at 2:30pm, located at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown on the matter of his friend Simon Chu, a Taiwanese-Canadian businessman who has been held by authorities in Baoding, China for over six months.

The story recently made front page news in the Vancouver Sun just last month. The story was covered extensively by all local Chinese language media as well.

"After nine days waiting, Simon's lawyer was finally able to meet with him and for the first time he was permitted to discuss the case against him," say Sullivan. "Simon has communicated some disturbing information about his treatment which I plan to discuss at this afternoon's meeting."

Chu has strong ties to Vancouver and several members of his family live here. The current dispute with Baoding authorities surrounds a commercial dispute.


boy,must be a slow news day.who cares what that loser sullivan is doing,he's yesterdays news.althought i must say i enjoy seeing mayor robertson bask in the glow of the upcoming olympics,while people have already forgotten about sullivan.what a pathetic attempt to garner media attention sam,but i guess it helps when your when your ol' buddy works for this online rag!go back to buying drugs for junkies sam,nobody cares what you have to say about anything anymore.

Whew. Someone peed on your cornflakes again, eh Al? Please come back and post a comment when you can come up with something better than this grade three level bile.

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