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The young scamps at were asleep at the switch when our domain was to be renewed. Photo by Aaron Jacobs.

We've had to bring out the lash here at CityCaucus Tower. Apparently yesterday the person tasked with making sure that our domain name was properly renewed had fallen asleep at the switch, and neglected to make sure that the domain registrar had been properly paid.

While we dealt with it immediately Wednesday at noon (thanks to helpful readers who contacted us), the internet has a funny way of telling itself that everything is fine. Some networks may not be getting our pages to load, but it should come back later today. It's always a good idea sometimes to try on another browser, or empty your cookies and cache and restart the browser.

Sorry for the interruptions. The young scamp responsible has been sent down the road.

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Maybe they fell asleep because you only give them crappy little laptops to work with. Get them a real computer, cheapos! Just kidding. :)

Thanks for the great work.

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