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Mayor Malcolm Brodie (r) is joined by Hon. James Moore at a transit announcement

As promised, contributing writer Erin Chutter has been interviewing a number of Metro Vancouver mayors to get their perspective on the year that was. Tomorrow we will publish her latest interview with Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

As various Metro Vancouver municipalities grapple to find the money to pay for the 17.5% pay package Brodie negotiated with CUPE back in 2007, Chutter asks him how the collective agreement is impacting Richmond's finances. She also delves into the topics of densification, the Olympics and the City's official community plan.

Here is an excerpt from her interview to be posted tomorrow: What has been the affect of economic slowdown in Richmond?

Malcolm Brodie: Really quite dramatic. For residents of Richmond, many have faced difficult economic times in losing jobs and reductions in their jobs. Everything we do keeps that situation in mind. We are seeing more access of local food banks and more need for social services. In terms of city government and city operation, revenues have fallen due to much less development fee and cost revenue and inactivity. We think that we have now seen the turnaround. We are seeing interest in development again. It is not exactly on fire, but is getting better.

Next week we plan to run an interview with Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and get her perspective on the role she is playing to shape Metro Vancouver politics. If you have any questions you'd like us to pose to her Worship or any other local mayor, please send us an email at Be sure to clearly spell out your question and let us know which Mayor it is directed to.

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