Reminder - Christmas Cheer on Wednesday, 5:30pm!

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Ho ho ho! This ain't no joke. Santa wants to see everyone at Original Joe's

Celebrate Christmas Cheer with this Wednesday evening!

A reminder to our faithful readers, friends and others engaged in civic politics. We're hosting a little party at Original Joe's, just across the street from the Broadway/City Hall Canada Line station tomorrow evening, 5:30 onwards.

We're inviting everyone to this non-partisan (we mean that literally) event. This includes the underpaid scamps at CityCaucus Tower (we'll limit their snacking), NPAers with time on their hands, COPErs and Visionistas who aren't busy shopping for carbon credits, media who really need a beer (which is always), members of council (we have several confirmed), park or school boards, our coveted readers, and of course City staff – the folks that really keep things on the rails.

Come join Daniel, Mike and the gang. We'll look back and have a few chuckles at some of the finer moments in civic politics in 2009, and we'll survey the room for their TOP stories of 2009!

Early arrivals get free appetizers, everyone pays for their own grog. SEE YOU ON DECEMBER 9TH!

Here are the details:

VENUE: Original Joe's Restaurant
200-500 Broadway West (@ Cambie, across from the Canada Line station) – see map

DATE: Wednesday, December 9th

TIME: 5:30 - 8:00pm

Due to some unfortunate timing, our event coincides with the May Brown 90th birthday celebration taking place at the same time. We'll be toasting May at our event. For those who want to attend that event (or possibly make both!) here are the details:

May Brown Event (taking place at same time as's Pub Night)

The YWCA is sponsoring a party to celebrate May's 90th birthday and we hope you can join us.

What: May Brown's 90th birthday party
Where: Vancouver Museum, 1100 Chestnut Street
When: Wednesday December 9th, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Cost: $20.00 (to cover costs only)
R.S.V.P.: Email

No gifts please, but a birthday card for May would be welcome.


That pub isn't big enough for your staff let alone the hundreds of CityCaucus' fans

Daniel, Mike,
I really like your posts, most of the times;also the pictures accompanying them. However, this one here with Santa having his forehead stamped with your logo/ website address it' can I put it, ahh, juvenile. Not that I am of the sensitive kind, oh, far from that,but it just ruins what could have been a very jolly, merry, holy, picture of the ..."Fat Guy in the Red suit". See what I mean!?

We thought we could be forgiven for a little crass Christmas commercialism, but apparently not.

Thanks for a great event, guys!

Check out!

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