Mayor's coalition collegue accuses Canada of being dinosaur

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Carbon Cadman accuses Canada of being a dinosaur. Ironically, it was the death of the dinosaurs that provided the fossil fuels needed to jet Cadman to Copenhagen.

Now that all of the thousands of politicians and their staff are jet-fuelling their way back home after the Copenhagen environmental conference, we're now getting word that councillor David "Carbon" Cadman has been busy at work. For those unfamiliar with Carbon Cadman, he was the guy who was instrumental in helping to get Mayor Gregor Robertson elected by agreeing that COPE would join his coalition of the willing.

Just last week the Federal government generously contributed over $6 million dollars to help pay for a major expansion of Vancouver's VanDusen Gardens. So you would think the Mayor's coalition colleagues would be somewhat guarded in the type of ad hominen attacks that do nothing but poison relations with senior levels of government.

In an interview subsequent to the Copenhagen conference (which even some environmentalists think was a bust), Carbon Cadman decided he was going to fire a few missiles toward Ottawa. Here is what he had to say to a blogger who runs Al-Darb Diya:

Canada is the dinosaur at these talks...They are all about protecting Canada’s fossil fuel sector instead of protecting the interests of the Canadian public. This government ignores its international commitments and role in international affairs. This is not the Canada that any of us know.

Isn't it comforting to know that Carbon Cadman was asking us taxpayers in Metro Vancouver to help cover the cost of his junket in order that he could fly to Copenhagen and slam us. Thankfully the politicians at Metro Vancouver and the City of Vancouver have put an end to this madness. I guess Canadians should consider themselves lucky to be compared to dinosaurs. A few months back Cadman was accusing Vancouverites of being "small town".

While Cadman thinks us Canadians are 'dinosaurs', he doesn't feel the same way about the Africans. Here is what he told TerraViva:

I am so impressed. Africa has to understand that it is an absolute leader when it comes to municipalities working together and getting organized. It needs to take that leadership role in this conference. Talk to your national delegations, urge them to step forward.

While we're on the subject of Carbon Cadman, why don't you check out this interesting interview he conducted while Copenhagen. Cadman is asked whether the world needs another multi-national agency to take care of global climate issues. He responds with an enthusiastic yes - and it must involve cities. Perhaps the head of ICLEI should have a special role? More travel perhaps?

The interviewer tries on a couple of occasions to get Cadman to outline some of his own successes when it comes to saving the environment.

Interviewer: When you look back at all the work you have done in various institutions to help our nations and our people to save the climate and save the planet, what moment has been the most depressing one? Which moment did you feel well...I was most successful.

Cadman goes on to pontificate, but never actually provides an answer regarding his most "successful" environmental achievement. He did however easily point to Hurricane Katrina as his most depressing moment in his quest to save the planet from environmental degradation.

The interviewer then tries one more time by asking Cadman essentially the same question:

So what has been the moment where you felt you were really successful and proud of?

I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Cadman's response. Was it a reduction in overall carbon emissions from cities? Was it the utilization of LEED gold environmental standards in new building construction? Was is the growth of green space in major urban centres? What was Cadman's biggest environmental success? He then told the interviewer:

I think the way in which ICLEI has grown is a source of pride.

Huh? His proudest environmental achievement was the growth of the ICLEI organization under his watch? But wait, Cadman also had one more thing to add:

I think basically the other moment I will remember for a long long time was Bali. Where to the last moment the United States was not going to go with a consensus. All of a sudden there was a phone call back to Washington that said we're going to be the goat here if we don't sign this thing. What's in it to turn it down. At the last moment they came on board as well. And that is the consensus that got us to today. What I'm most proudest at this moment is that more and more nations China, India South Africa are coming on board saying we need a significant agreement here...

Does the Councillor really want us to believe that he had any role in Bali or getting China more engaged on the environmental file? I think it's time for Carbon Cadman to pack his bags and head home to begin dealing with the closure of the Bloedel Conservatory, Stanley Park petting zoo and other programs.

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The only thing Canadians need to be embarrassed about is that we have elected the David Millers and David Cadmans to public office. Whether you are a warmist (alarmist) or a skeptic (denier), Canada's position is the only sensible one to take. A more stringent plan than the US means hurting the economy and a loss of jobs without significantly reducing world emissions. A less stringent plan than the US might mean trade barriers which would hurt the economy and cost jobs. We need more people, including the MSM, to stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks of us and start worrying about what is best for Canadians.

Small town minds.

I see that ICLEI has its own "Personal CO2 Calculator."

Would anyone care to put Mr Cadman's or Mr Robertson's details through it?

just watched the Copenhagen interview... man, what a load..! Katrina had nothing to do with global warming... what a blowhard!

Check out!

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