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This cake mysteriously showed up at CityCaucus Tower today. Did Mike Magee send it?

What was intended to be a short-term lark, a blog about civic politics by a couple of wonks, is now having it's first anniversary. Our original business plan, if you could call it that, was to post occasionally, and perhaps drive 200 readers per week.

According to our most recent web statistics, we're nearing a half-million page views, and just shy of 300,000 unique visitors. We are extremely grateful to our readers, whom are the reason we continue to write. Without them we could not justify to family members and friends the time we put into this volunteer effort.

One year ago, December 7th, 2008, we made our first posts about the outrageously lavish Vision Inaugural celebration, which we later found out cost more than three times more than typical ceremonies of this kind – $85,000. And we were in the depths of the biggest economic slowdown Vancouver had seen in over 2 decades at the time.

The cavalier use of taxpayer dollars during a recession, and the self-importance of the inauguration ceremony, practically set the tone for the new Vision Vancouver administration. They have arguably never recovered from the perception created by this extravagance.

Fortunately, CityCaucus.com were there to observe the festive occasion. And in over one thousand posts by Daniel, Mike, Erin, Eric and our many guest editorialists like Coun. Suzanne Anton, Tim Louis, Michael Geller, Sean Bickerton and others, we'd like to think we've added a fresh dimension to the dialogue about how we build and manage our cities.

Now, year two begins. The 2010 Games will come and go, then the City of Vancouver and other cities in the region must consider what's next? Will cities face the challenge of rising energy costs, or pretend they don't exist and keep sprawling?

So many questions, and so many topics to discuss.

If Year One was Fellowship of the Ring, then we're headed into our Two Towers phase in Year Two. Does it mean of swashbuckling action, Hobbits and talking trees? Maybe it does.

Stay tuned.


Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

This site is a huge benefit to the city.

The cake doesn't look very organic, so it probably didn't come courtesy of Happy Planet? but even so maybe you should feed a bit to the dog first, just in case!

Happy Birthday. I suppose we're all looking forward to the terrible twos.

You're already off to a fine start; CC is definitely familiar with the word 'no'. lol! I don't know what that means, just having fun with you. :)

Happy birthday and good luck next year.

Happy Birthday and congratulations on a job well done. I would echo what David H said," This site is a HUGE benefit to the city". I have referred many people this site as I consider this a "must read". Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday CityCaucus.com!

From one independent media outlet to another...

Happy Birthday, City Caucus.

Always good to have diverse voices in the mix. Keep on breaking those news stories!

your volunteer effort while appreciated, can not be sustainable. The blog is useful . I don't always agree with your positions (you can't be right all the time) but nevertheless it is a value add. Maybe you could start taking advertising like Google to make this a business and sustainable? That I suspect would be a better model than trying for a subscription model that even the NYTimes has failed at.

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