COPE suggests "protester chic" this Christmas

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Make a statement, and look good all at once – COPE's new line of merchandise now on sale

We have to give our friends on the far left some credit for resorting to a little good old fashioned capitalism now and again. In this case, the COPE party have come up with a last minute gift suggestions for the anti-Olympics crusader on your Christmas list.

In trade for kicking in for a monthly contribution of $20, you not only get a membership for the party, but some pretty cool swag too! Here's the email below, circulated today by the party:

Need a last-minute gift?

We have the answer for you!

Our fourth – that’s right, fourth! – printing of “I am a Free Speech Zone” t-shirts and undies have arived (sic). They make a great present for the holidays!

Available in the full range of regular and fitted sizes.

Plus: if you sign-up to be a COPE monthly sustainer at $20/month, you'll get a t-shirt for FREE. What a great start to the new year!

Email us at and we'll arrange a pick-up/drop-off time with you -- it's not too late to get them before the holidays are over!

We caught a glimpse of some of the other products COPE is hustling to help keep the party afloat. For example, there is the predictable I AM A FREE SPEECH ZONE Black Hoody. An Olympic protester practically feels naked without one of these on.

Speaking of (almost) "getting naked" there is this attractive thong (contact the party for colour selections), and for the radical guy in your life, these snappy-looking boxer shorts. And since we're talking about the fellas, nothin' says a hole-in-one more than this protest-themed golf shirt. The Games will be over, but just picture the man of the house sporting this apron when the BBQ weather returns!

COPE are avid fair traders, so it is important to point out that several of these products – like the thong, the ladies baseball shirt and the little pet warmer – are certified "Made in the USA" and not in some overseas sweatshop (thank you, NAFTA!).

Who says NASCAR and COPE don't mix? Not Vancouver's lovable lefties, since you can buy this Trucker's Ball Cap too! What better way to stick it to The Man than to wear the message across your forehead!

Of course, as we saw with the Olympic Resistance Network this fall when they tried to teach elementary school teachers how to protest the Games, you're never too young to wear a disapproving sneer against society. That's why you can also pick-up this infant bodysuit in pink or baby blue.

Then there is the usual swag, like a coffee mug, BPA-free water bottle, and the thermal coffee sleeve. Let's face it, it gets cold outside when you're protesting the Games, so a little hot Joe will be welcome.

You can check out the whole product line here on this convenient slideshow.

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Smart marketing on Cope's part. Sprinkle a little socialism, and add a touch of capitalism and you have the perfect societal balance.

I hope COPE managed to get that logo done for less than $250k

Merchandising COPE can get a hike! Once Vancouver Vision`s prison bee-atch, always a prison bee-atch! Too bad for Carbon Cadman`s self-esteem although. Oh wait, he doesn`t have any left.

...but count me in for half a dozen thongs...

"Thong, th-thong, thong, thong!"

Check out!

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