Carbon Cadman MIA for critical budget meetings due to foreign obligations

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Councillor David Cadman will miss the 2010 budget debate and vote to attend to more important international obligations

First COPE Councillor David "Carbon" Cadman missed his own inauguration due to the fact he was out of town on international commitments. Now Cadman has asked to skip town again and miss the most important vote and debate this year - the 2010 Budget.

In a leave of absence request that was approved by Vancouver council today, Cadman asked he be excused from the budget proceedings:

THAT Councillor Cadman be granted Leave of Absence for Civic Business from the proposed additional Public Hearing back-up scheduled for December 10, 2009, and the Special Council Meetings scheduled for December 15 and 18, 2009, in order to attend meetings of ICLEI.

As we previously reported, the Vision politicians who sit on the Metro Vancouver Board recently voted to cut Cadman off any further travel funds to attend ICLEI meetings overseas. As a result, Cadman blew his top and said he would pay for his own trip rather than asking taxpayers to foot the bill. Fancy that! Of course this is after he accused Vancouverites of living in a "small town" for not enthusiastically supporting his international obligations.

An NDP friend of mine reports that he saw a jar at the recent convention over the weekend which was asking delegates to support the David Cadman travel fund. He was unable to confirm whether the whole thing was actually a joke or not. It led me to ask him whether there was a separate jar nearby asking for donations to cover the costs of Cadman's carbon offsets.

All kidding aside, the fact that David Cadman is skipping out on what is arguably the most controversial city budget in the last 20 years is nothing short of shameful. As Vancouver Sun columnist Miro Cernetig rightly pointed out, if Cadman is too busy to be a councillor, then perhaps he should step aside.

Cadman should retract his leave of absence and immediately advise ICLEI that he has budget obligations which require his attention back home. If he doesn't, then he has no right to claim he's opposed to any of the cuts being proposed in the budget.


Dear Sir(s) or Ms(s), This man is aptly named
He is the perfect politician ie: Grifter, CON MAN---He has created a "job" for himself
at the Tax payers expense/expense/expense.
There is no sense of shame and more importantly
we, the Taxpayer, has been burdened with the cost. When we are pennypinching by closing down The Childrens' Zoo and the Bloedel Consevatory because of all the financial mistakes in bringing this Olympic charade to town. It is now time to look in the mirror and say that enough is enough.
I sincerely hope that someone continues to to monitor and report this huckster so we can
dump him in the Trash Can at the next election.
This maybe the only true Green thing that he will accomplish in his whole sorry attempt
to make our city into a better place.


Please let him go on his trip. He doesn't contribute anything other than hot air anyways.

Do you need carbon offsets to compensate for emitting "hot air"?

Check out!

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