Bloedel backers launch website and prepare for battle

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Supporters of the Bloedel Conservatory and Stanley Park Petting zoo amass their troops

One of the most high profile cuts resulting from Vancouver's 2010 budget is the closure of the Bloedel conservatory. Now a group of concerned citizens have set up a new website aimed at sending a strong message to the Vision councillors that they want to keep Bloedel open, and in public hands.

Here is an excerpt from their site which helps to provide Bloedel supporters with their marching orders in time for tomorrow evening's council meeting. 

The City Council of Vancouver will vote on the future of the Bloedel Conservatory at City Hall on Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 7:30 PM.

We encourage everyone to protest in person on the steps of Vancouver City Hall at Cambie Street and 12th Avenue West, at 6:30 PM on Thursday, December 3rd.

Please make and bring signs that say "Save Our Conservatory".

We want a big presence, to show our city councillors that we are serious about saving the Bloedel. Please bring $5 bills with sticky notes on them that say "Save Our Conservatory". These bills will be placed before the Council just before the meeting starts as a visual show of support for media cameras. The more bills, the better the visual.

If you can't protest in person, please call or e-mail the city councillors and the mayor. Their contact information is available at, just click on the pictures for their direct contact information.

Please also sign the electronic petition with your name and e-mail address at

If you wish to address City Council at the meeting to encourage them to preserve the Conservatory, you can call Terracita Burke at (604)871-6399, or e-mail her at and ask to be put on the speaker's list.

Additionally, you can send your opinion about the proposed Bloedel Conservatory closure by e-mail to Your opinion will be tabulated and presented at the City Council meeting on December 3.

Thank you again for all you are doing to save this very important Vancouver landmark.

City Hall insiders are predicting as many as 30-40 presenters will sign up to speak to council tomorrow evening. plans to send a team of correspondents to watch the proceedings live tomorrow night. Follow our live Twitter feeds starting around 8:30 tomorrow evening.


Remember a few months ago when the city announced $600,000 for 2 giant bird statues to be installed on the seawall in 2011?

Might be something to bring up at the meeting.

Sad that this facility is being shut down but I believe that the city has every right to do so. Myself, I have never been there.
Saying that, the mayor has made it very clear that his priorities were to end homelessness and make the city a green role model. As much as I think his ideas are too idealogical and in the case of homelessness not in his juridiction, it was disclosed and he was up front about it.
These facilities can not be justified due to job creation or that they are nice. They appear not to be attracting enough paying customers to survive. Maybe a private operator can move in but I doubt it.
People will bring up other various spending decisions the city makes but two wrongs do not make a right and sometimes politicians and staff have to make unpopular decisions.
sad but true.

Check out!

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