Stephen Colbert puts Richmond, BC on the map

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Stephen Colbert is flaming mad at Richmond, BC
Blame it on Brodie: Stephen Colbert is flaming mad at Richmond, BC

American TV talk show host and entertainer Stephen Colbert is flaming mad at Canada. And he's aiming his SCUD missles at Richmond, British Columbia. Colbert is sticking up for Team USA, specifically the US speed skating crew, who like the TV star are not happy that they're getting no ice time to practice on Richmond's coveted, and very expensive, skating oval.

Richmond, BC, as we all know is a bedroom community with a city inside it crying to get out. There hasn't been a subdivision nor a strip mall the below sea level borough hasn't embraced over the years. We've stated here before, you can thank Malcolm Brodie's decision to break ranks during the 2007 CUPE strike for the 17.5% wage increases Metro cities are coughing up for during a recession.

Then there is the questionable number of junkets to Europe taken by Richmond's Chief Administrator George Duncan, using the excuse of "research" on how to deliver good Games back home. Since Mayor Brodie has virtually no political opponent waiting in the wings, you're unlikely to see any real shift in the level of accountability in the city.

Now Ted Townsend, Richmond's Senior Manager of Corporate Communications is using this little fracas with the talk show host to attract attention to his city. In a letter to Colbert, Townsend (a former newspaper editor) refers to himself as the city's Chief Syrup Sucker:

It takes a lot to upset us. After all, the combination of the languid smell of beaver musk and the freezing temperatures generally make us a docile people. Still, we just can’t stand the thought that someone would think we aren’t playing fair.

Nothing like a dollup of comedy to deflect controversy, eh? The last time I checked, Colbert is pretty tight with the men and women of the US military. How much kidding before the tanks roll in, Ted?

You can thank Stephen Colbert for finally putting Richmond, BC, onto the world stage. Let's hope that the syrup suckers south of Vancouver's border don't enflame international tensions to the breaking point between Canada and our American cousins.


Perhaps we could offer our American skater friends some ice time on the Blades of Glory's getting great ratings!

I'm left to wonder if all of this controversy might in any way impact Mayor Gregor Robertson's American donor base...hmmm, is there going to be collateral damage here? :-)

Colbert's rant on TV is good publicity for the Olympics anyway ;)

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