Remembering Canada's fallen

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A heartbreaking image of Canada's sacrifice

The image above stopped me cold yesterday when I saw it. I could not think of a more poignant reminder of the ongoing sacrifice of our men and women in uniform overseas. It is the families who are hit hardest by any loss.


The caption with the photo describes what you see:

"Maude Mercier, daughter of Master Warrant Officer Joseph Mercier, is comforted by Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean as she bursts into tears after receiving the Sacrifice Medal posthumously for her dad in Ottawa."

Regardless of your feelings of Canada's actions abroad in Afghanistan, or any other conflicts we find ourselves drawn into, there is no denying the honour and sacrifice of our military personnel, today and over past decades. Remember them always.

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The comforting hand of the vice regal is cold comfort to the loss of a father.

What does this representative of the Queen, in whose name we fight, say when asked what is our purpose overseas?

Thanks for posting a true image of war.

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