Miro Cernetig declares carbon hunting season open

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A new documentary by journalist/filmmaker Miro Cernetig broadcasts November 26th

If Vancouver ever does become the greenest city in the world, there's a good likelihood it will also become home to what is known as "carbon hunters". Carbon hunters are the folks who scour the world looking to make it rich while attempting to save the environment at the same time. A new documentary on this subject is about to air, and if the trailer is any indication, it may help transform the way we look at the international environmental movement.

Miro Cernetig, one of Vancouver's top columnists and city hall watcher, is the brains behind this Force Four Entertainment documentary which will air on the CBC next week. It's Cernetig's fifth foray into the world of film and I'm told it will be a look into the ins and outs of the controversial new trade of this commodity.

The trailer for "Carbon Hunters" is now on YouTube (click above) and it provides viewers with a tantalizing sneek peek into what they can expect when the full documentary airs on Thursday, November 26th at 8 pm on the CBC network. Set your PVRs!

Elected officials around the world are tripping over themselves trying to become the greenest jurisdiction. Whether you're President Obama or Vancouver's upstart Mayor, the goal is to translate the "green" movement into greenbacks for your local economy. The allure of quick cash, knowledge-based jobs and new investments in "green" technologies is something some politicians simply can't pass up. But are there down sides to this modern day green equivalent of the gold rush?

This is how the CBC is promoting Cernetig's documentary:

Explore the controversial, little understood, yet booming industry of carbon credit trading as one of the potential solutions to climate change. Follow Shawn Burns, a Vancouver-based carbon hunter, and other global wheeler-dealers who search the planet for carbon credits. This new green rush is already worth $100 billion and climbing! How does it actually work? What does a carbon credit actually buy? From India, to the Canadian prairies, to Hollywood - CARBON HUNTERS reveals an insightful insider's look at this mysterious and potentially lucrative new industry.

Cernetig told the CBC:

"This is the first film that takes a global look at how you buy a carbon credit and what you get - or don't get - when you do. In our travels we've discovered the difficulties and ethical quandaries behind creating a new commodity - carbon credits - to deal with climate change."

Kudos to Cernetig for his work on this and I'd encourage all of our readers to make time in your television schedule next week for what should be a documentary worth watching.


You had better check up on the latest AGW news . . . Ground Zero for teh hysteria is the Climate Research Unit in the UK. They got hacked or leaked this week tens of thousands of documents & emails.

These global AGW science leaders discuss how to "trick" the data to show non-existent warming, cherry-pick other data so it produces infamous Hockey-Stick shaped graphs to scare people like you. The slag "skeptic" scientists, revel over the news of the death of a NZ skeptic and discus how they can control and channel the much vaunted "Peer Review" process to get what they want published - that'll be stunning news for Believers like Bill Good - you can ask him about it on Tuesday ??

Global Warming is now over, the Global Warming hysteriawill soon end, the planet is getting cooler in another natural cycle and if you are smart, you'll get every penny you invested in Green Companies out of the market before the bubble burts.

I fear you are too optimistic, Fred. There is so much money to be made in the Green Religion that the Alarmists are not going to go away just yet.

You can learn more about the manufacture of the global warming hysteria here:

If you want to know who would pay 25 dollars for something everyone else would pay only 14 cents for, read here: http://www.taxpayer.com/blog/26-10-2009/cashing-climate-change-carbon-offset-scam

What is wrong with the meetings in Copenhagen? Read here: http://www.taxpayer.com/node/10781

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