Larry Campbell heaps praise on Judy Rogers

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City managers attending a retreat on Vancouver Island were treated to Sen. Larry Campbell praising former Vancouver City Manager Judy Rogers

It's been almost one year since former Vancouver City Manager Judy Rogers walked the corridors of power at Vancouver City Hall. Without so much as a thank you, Vancouver's top public servant was unceremoniously dumped by newly elected Mayor Gregor Robertson and replaced by Dr. Penny Ballem, a trained hematologist.

During my tenure at City Hall, I didn't always see eye to eye with Rogers, but I never doubted that she was doing her best to make Vancouver a better place to live, work and play. Apparently I'm not the only one who felt that way. Reports are starting to trickle out of a Vancouver Island Local Government Management Association (VILGMA) conference about comments former Vision Mayor Larry Campbell apparently made about Rogers.

The conference was a reunion of sorts, as Larry Campbell and Judy Rogers were both on stage together talking to dozens of senior municipal public servants. According to our source, Campbell was heard praising Rogers and her record as city manager. This is something that likely won't sit well with the current Vision Mayor and his caucus.

According to one of the attendees (who wishes to remain anonymous), Larry Campbell took every opportunity to praise Rogers which by inference made Robertson look bad:

Campbell was up on stage with Judy and the two of them were having a jolly old time. He couldn't say enough about her record at the city. It's pretty safe to say that if Campbell were still the Mayor, Judy would likely still have her job.

Anyone who's familiar with Campbell knows that he's a straight shooter and doesn't pull any punches. We haven't had the opportunity to ask Mayor Robertson for his reaction, but we're expecting a 140 character response on Twitter anytime now.

As for the conference, here is how it was billed:

VILGMA Annual Conference

November 4, 2009 to November 6, 2009

Location: Crown Isle Resort, Courtenay

Description: Join us for another excellent program. The theme this year will focus on the economic downturn and sustainability - issues affecting all of us.

Featured speakers are Senator Larry Campbell, former Mayor of Vancouver and Judy Rogers, former City of Vancouver CAO.

Contact Info: For more information contact:
Davina Sparrow, VILGMA Secretary
Phone: (250) 720-2822


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