Langley councillor slams Vancouver decision on GVLRB

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jordan-bateman We've given props to Coun. Jordan Bateman from the Langley Township Council, who runs the excellent blog. Jordan made reference to our recent post on the motion by Mayor "Geoff" Meggs to yank Vancouver out of Metro Vancouver's labour bargaining unit.

Now Jordan has taken the matter to a bigger stage by presenting his opinion in today's Vancouver Sun. Here's a link to his Sun Op-Ed.

Congratulations, Jordan!

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Interesting article. Mr. Bateman makes some interesting points, but there's a fair share of political rhetoric in this piece.

First of all, Mr. Bateman compares hourly wages one-for-one. That's somewhat of a fallacy. Pay rate differences across regions are partly due to the cost of living in those particular areas. At the end of the day, it's one's take home pay that makes the difference, in conjunction with living expenses such as rent, travel etc.

Furthermore, what is wrong with some wage differences here and there? If anything, it adds competition to the game. Just as in the private sector, not every public sector employee with the same "job title" is equal in skills and abilities. If a city worker wants to apply for a job in another city partly based on wage reasons, why shouldn't they? They would still need to prove their value in the job interviews in order to get the position. They need to fight for it. They don't just walk into the same position in another city or township.

In re to his main argument, that Vancouver leaving the board might affect wages in other regions, I have to give some benefit of the doubt to him on this. On the other hand, there is also a considerable amount of speculation and conjecture inherent in the argument. It's a pretty pitiful situation in Langley if decisions made in the City of Vancouver (in re to leaving the GVLRB) will so directly affect Langley's taxation levels.

Even the title of the article... I mean, look at it:

"Blame Vancouver"
"The city is the villain"

It's all a bit "drama queeny".

Mr. Bateman might be hedging to a certain degree. I'm not saying he's using a straw man argument here, but pointing the finger of blame at the City of Vancouver after raising taxes in the Township of Langley certainly would take some of the heat off him, wouldn't it?

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