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CityCaucus.com's Mike Klassen talks about Surrey dominating the region in 24hrs

It's great to see the blogger I once knew in short pants is now hitting the big time with an Op-Ed in Thursday's 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper. The daily edition of the paper is available for download at their website, or all over Metro Vancouver.

In this column Mike talks about the leadership shown by the City of Surrey on its Town Centres design competition (see townshift.ca), and the seemingly inevitable climb of Surrey toward the #1 spot in Metro Vancouver's population stats. Will Vancouver turn over the top spot in the region willingly? Is there a plan to deal with this population shift?

You can read Mike's story online here, or the digital edition.

Mike talks about some of the implications of the Lower Mainland eventually revolving around Surrey. Pick up a copy of Thursday's column, and weigh in with your comments on the 24 Hours website. Congratulations, Mike! 24 Hours made a smart choice having you write for them, if I do say so myself.


Congratulations to Mike on a great start. It's too true; while the Mayor focuses on his kitchen garden and Counselor Deal turns us into a city of cyclists, Surrey is pulling ahead. The lack of "Vision" is arresting, but not surprising in this shallow, less-is-more Council which celebrates voguish reductions in our standard of living and is dead-set against growth in general.

Funny stuff! Surrey Canucks...great perspective :)

Mike's Op/Ed received some great reaction from readers. Here is a sampling of letters in Friday's edition:

Surrey may well be on track to outgrow Vancouver, but it is still a long way from actually becoming a real city. It has no downtown, no decent museums or art galleries, no police force and the worst public transit in the Lower Mainland.

Mike Klassen proposes to maintain Vancouver’s hegemony over Surrey by dramatically increasing population density in the City of Vancouver. A better solution would be to amalgamate with Burnaby. And, if Vancouver wants to be considered as Canada’s third largest city, and not eighth, it would need to take in another city, too. Maybe Richmond?

What a joke! Metro Surrey? The Surrey Canucks? The Surrey International Airport? HA! All I can say is bigger or not, RESPECT YOUR ROOTS! You should be ashamed at this article!

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