Klassen in 24 Hours: What to do about BC Place?

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This week Mike Klassen takes a look at the Teflon dome

It's massive, and has been known to burst open. No, we're not talking about that blister you got last time on the Grouse Grind. We're talking about Vancouver's favourite white elephant, BC Place Stadium. It's the topic of Mike's Op-Ed piece in this week's 24 Hours Newspaper.

A half-billion bucks are being set aside to put a new roof and restored interior on the Dome, but is it worth it? What options do we really have, and is knocking it down really a choice?

BC Pavilion Corp. boss David Podmore is making the media rounds explaining why he and the Province have decided to reinvest in this iconic Vancouver building that everyone loves to complain about.

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Good article. It's a tough choice but one that has to be made. With Podmore in charge and a fixed bid contract, we will avoid the gong show of the Convention Centre. The bottom line is the facility is needed, and the location is perfect. The bigger concern to me is the government's (I don't care what level) idiotic inaction on the waterfront stadium that Kerfoot would like to build.

Hey ! I went to the David Bowie concert to and the sound was terrible as you know. It's still no good. Why invest 1/3 Billion $ in a white elephant ??? It's fine for sports as it is. No need to have a retractable roof at all. The roof was fine if you recall. It was a mistake made by staff that caused the problem leading to the rip. Anyway, it would be much cheaper to just stick with what we have. I'm sure they can patch up the roof for another 2 decades at least.

It's unconscionable to spend over $300,000 on such a stupid thing as a retractable roof. I'm not a big fan of the dome and to spend more money on it would be the height of stupidity.

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