Jim Green ponders Cadman's departure from COPE

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Are rumours that COPE will wipe itself clean of Councillor David Cadman based in reality?

This morning I headed down to the CKNW studios to debate civic issues with my fellow panelists Frances Bula and Jim Green. As is turns out, Bula was unavailable for our weekly discussion, so it was left to yours truly and former Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate Jim Green to hold the fort.

Anyone close to Green knows well that he doesn't suffer fools gladly. Perhaps that's why his relationship with the bombastic and carbon emitting COPE councillor David Cadman has been so frosty over the years. There clearly is no love lost between these two gentleman.

Nonetheless, Jim Green dropped a bit of a bombshell at the end of Bill Good's radio program this morning when he hinted COPE may be preparing to give Cadman the dump. Here is what he said on air:

You have a lot of new young energetic environmentalists that have taken over the COPE executive. I am hearing rumours that David Cadman is not going to win the nomination next time with COPE.

Despite Jim Green's comments, I'm confident the discussions regarding Cadman's demise are somewhat premature. Afterall, Cadman's basically all the Left have left. Why would COPE even consider dumping him at this point?

The bigger problem facing COPE and its two elected officials is the real threat that they could be wiped off the electoral map in the next civic election. If Vision leaves a couple of spots open for them on council (and this doesn't appear likely), even a small resurgence of the NPA in 2011 will kill COPE's chances of hanging on to their two seats. The battle will be between the NPA and Vision, with COPE being squeezed out of the picture.

The only hope for COPE is they run a mayoral candidate and try to retain their two seats on council. However, word is they have already decided not to run a mayoral candidate against Mayor Gregor Robertson in 2011. This decision essentially means that any discussion regarding what COPE does or doesn't do to Cadman is moot. What do you think? Check out our new online poll on this subject.


I really hope this is the end of this dillusional windbag.

@yuri: delusional is the word you were trying to use. And you'd be correct. (Unless you were talking about ability to procure aeroplan points.)

Anyway, good luck to Mr. Cadman in future, whichever travel destination he decides to choose. hardy har har.

Cadman has always been an opportunist. Not many people realize that Cadman was vice-president of the VMREU, the predecessor to CUPE 15, during the 3 month civic strike in Vancouver in early 1981. I remember watching him back then pontificate away, about the ills of City Hall on Jack Webster's television show.

Thanks for correcting my spelling and have fun with the resident communists and your BCTF meeting.

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