Gregor Robertson removes councillor Jang from UBCM

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You're fired! Or not? Why is Councillor Kerry Jang leaving the executive of the UBCM?

We've written extensively on this blog about how poorly Vision councillor Kerry Jang mishandled the HEAT shelter fiasco a few months back. At the time, we called on Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson to yank Jang from his portfolio as Minister of Social and Community Services. To date, Robertson has continued to publicly back the Minister despite his constant fumbling of this critical file.

That's why a motion coming before council next Tuesday has raised a few eyebrows in civic circles. The motion is from Mayor Robertson and it asks council to rescind Jang's appointment to the Union of BC Municipalities executive. He will be replaced by veteran councillor Tim Stevenson. According to the motion, Jang was only appointed to the position less than twelve months ago, but his term is now coming to an abrupt end.

The following is a copy of Robertson's motion:

At its meeting on December 8, 2008, Council appointed a representative to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Executive. The following change is recommended:

THAT Councillor Tim Stevenson replace Councillor Kerry Jang as the City of Vancouver representative on the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Executive for the remainder of the term to December 4, 2011.

These types of appointments are normally made by the Mayor for a three year period, which makes Jang's removal all that more interesting. In terms of Stevenson, he has a lot of experience working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, so his appointment into this position is considered a good move.

If Robertson did rescind Jang's appointment as a way of sending a message to his hapless lieutenant, we say kudos to the Mayor.


In terms of low hanging fruit for any opposition to pick off in 2011, Jang is right up there. He blew the HEAT project, and seems to have never recovered. Pulling him from the UBCM can only be construed as a vote of non-confidence.

My guess is Gregor is shoring up the caucus members he thinks can win seats in the next election and letting the others fend for themselves. Chow won't run again, and COPE are in for a rude awakening once they decide to not run a mayor for a 2nd term. That leaves four seats ripe for picking. With a good campaign a centre-right opposition could be one seat under or over a majority on council.

Should be interesting.

This may have something to do with it:

Lidstone recommended that not only should more Metro Vancouver representatives be sitting on the UBCM board, but also that the Vancouver rep should also be a member of the Metro Vancouver board.

Councillor Kerry Jang does not currently sit on the Metro Vancouver board, hence yesterday’s change to Councillor Tim Stevenson.

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