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Vancouver politicos better sharpen their pencils for November 14th

Many familiar faces from Vancouver politics have banded together to hold a rather big coffee klatch on how the city is doing under the current Vision Vancouver administration. Organizer Michael Geller, along with communications consultant and columnist Bob Ransford, and SFU City Program coordinator and former city councillor Gord Price bill it as "a series of three panels that will focus on the agenda and accomplishments of Vancouver City Council."

We suspect it will be heavy on the agenda topic as the accomplishments would make for pretty thin gruel (nyuk!). More now from the group's release:

Expert panelists will share their observations on what’s been happening at city hall, particularly in the areas of housing, city planning and development, city finances, local economic development and civic political leadership. Attendees will have an opportunity to engage the panelists in a question and answer session following each panel’s presentation. has been asked to join a media pundits panel. Presenters will include Gordon Price, Bob Ransford, ThinkCity's James Fletcher, Peter Ladner, and John Tylee of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission. Housing initiatives, planning and development, as well as the city's proposed Green Capital initiative and budgetary issues will be discussed. The morning will wrap up with commentary from some of the city's most thoughtful, and yes sometimes outspoken pundits including Frances Bula, Monte Paulsen and Alex Tsakumis.

“While some of us have had past ties to the Vancouver Civic NPA, this is not an NPA event. We hope it will bring together partisans from all parts of the political spectrum and people who haven’t been actively involved in partisan politics,” Geller explained.

Editor's note: All have had past ties to the NPA, but we take Michael's point. This is not about the moribund civic party per se.

“We are simply a group of concerned citizens who believe the last election resulted in a significant change in Vancouver’s civic political landscape and on the one-year anniversary of that change, it is worthwhile having a substantive and informed discussion on what has happened and what should happen” he explained.

Doors open next Saturday morning (November 14th) at 8:00 am at the Wosk Centre for Dialog. Admission to the event is by donation—to help offset the logistical costs.


So it'll be a non-partisan affair, then?

It's not being sponsored by any party, and you could say that there will be a range of opinions in the room. That said, it does have a centre/centre-right bent given the topic and speakers.

I have a hunch it will mostly be Vision-bashing, but I would be happy to be proven incorrect. Michael Geller has always come across as quite reasonable. AGT on the other hand...

I won't be vision bashing. I am genuinely pleased and impressed with much of what has happened in the area of planning and development. I have also invited a number of 'pro-vision' commentators who I am hoping will participate on the panels. It's an anniversary party, not a bash!

I hope we'll get a good turn out.

It does sound interesting, Michael. And it will probably be worth it just to see an AGT rant in person. Unfortunately I'll be out of town, so I'll look for the reports when I get back. Any chance of a webcast or live blog?

Check out!

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