Dysfunctional Park Board gets another blow

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A bridge over troubled waters – Hundal compromises Vision again. Photo: Jeff Hodson/Metro

Longtime political observer and now blogger Alex Tsakumis broke the story that Vancouver Park Board chair Raj Hundal is stepping down from his position on the PNE Board. Vision Vancouver sent out a hastily-prepared press release that raises more questions than answers. Hundal, the story goes, was visiting Playland with family when one of his cousins decided to punch out an actor in the Fright Night exhibit.

Vision supporters and Frances Bula are shrugging it off. Raj Hundal stirred controversy for the feckless Park Board this past summer when he publicly squared off with the Mayor's hand-picked City Manager over the matter of General Manager Susan Mundick's successor. Why the actions of Hundal's cousin would force Hundal to step down from the PNE Board is a question still needing to be answered.

As Vision's caucus chair, Mayor Gregor Robertson must step in and fix this train wreck. Hundal is becoming a distraction, and Vision can ill-afford yet another embarrassment from its controversy-prone park commissioners. To date, Gregor hasn't shown that he has the backbone for disciplining one of his own. It's possible that this saga will drag on until the next election.


"one of his cousins decided to punch out an actor"

The letter from Mr. Hundal stated "my cousin pushed the actor away from him. A complaint of assault was then logged by the actor with PNE security."

So, please tell me how you reached "punch out" from "pushed the actor". It wouldn't have anything to do with your decidedly anti-Vision stance, would it? I get so bored with this kind of commentary.

Sounds like Brenton better find something better to do with his aimless existence than read this blog. Just sayin'...

Me thinks the three amigos Brenton, Kevin and Jonathan are drinking a bit too much visionless bathwater. Hopefully by next year they will get their drivers license and be old enough to explore the world.

So yet another blog has been reduced to school yard name calling.

Whats's there to argue about. We all know. Gregor. Will be. Re-elected. Easily

Putzilano Kid! Hey. You don't. Have. A clue. Gregor. Who? Will be. What? Rejected. Why? Word. Exactly.

I quite enjoy reading this blog, Mary, thanks. Often the posts are informed and interesting. On occasion the commentary is lazy, as above.

I'm a little confused as to how my criticism (which stands) has anything to do with a perception of immaturity, ScottP. I would hope that we could debate the issue rather than resort to name calling. Would anyone care to reply to the actual criticism?

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