Christmas Cheer on December 9th!

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You better not pout, Magee

Celebrate Christmas Cheer with on December 9th!

Mark your calendar for December 9th. We've got two reasons to celebrate – Christmas is coming, and we're one year old!

We're inviting everyone to this non-partisan (we mean that literally) event. Whether they be the underpaid scamps at CityCaucus Tower, NPAers with nothing better to do these days, COPErs and Visionistas who arrive wondering where the heck Gregor is, media who've filed for the day and really need a beer, members of council, park or school boards, our coveted readers, or City staff who just happen to be strolling by as they leave the Hall.

Come join Daniel, Mike and the gang. We'll look back and have a few chuckles at some of the finer moments in civic politics in 2009, and we'll survey the room for their TOP stories of 2009!

Early arrivals get free appetizers, everyone pays for their own grog. SEE YOU ON DECEMBER 9TH!

Here are the details:

VENUE: Original Joe's Restaurant
200-500 Broadway West (@ Cambie, across from the Canada Line station) – see map

DATE: Wednesday, December 9th

TIME: 5:30 - 7:30pm

Check out!

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