Blame it on Rio? Chicago stunned by IOC rebuff and RIO WINS!

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Jacques Rogge announces Rio as winner

An impromptu live blog this morning on the 2016 Games decision...

According to a Tweet by 24Hours Olympics beat reporter Bob Mackin, the IOC decision is coming down shortly on the 2016 Summer Games location. Both Bob and the Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee are watching the coverage closely and posting amusing Tweets on the build up to the ceremony.

Here's a link to Jeff Lee's Twitter -

Here's a link to Bob Mackin's Twitter -

Both are making for enjoyable reads. Barack Obama is one of the big guns brought out in support of the Chicago bid, but really everyone knows that Oprah is the most powerful lobby in Copenhagen.

Good luck to all the contenders, and get ready for a whole lot of political headaches.

UPDATE: Chicago and Tokyo are out. It's down to Spain and Brazil's bid. On another note, Fox News firebrand and nutbag ranted on his broadcast that Vancouver "has lost a billion dollars" on its Olympic Games. Really? It might help if the Games had happened already to reach that conclusion.

How does an American TV pundate get this kind of WILD idea that the Olympics have broken the bank for Vancouver? Specifically, how did he come up with that term a BILLION DOLLARS??

Gee, I wonder if he got it from Vancouver's Mayor?? Yes, we can thank the fine work of James Hoggan and Associates, and their untendered $60,000 PR contract for spinning out the rubbish that the Olympic Village was (Gregor's words) "on the hook" for a billion dollar boondoggle.

UPDATE: Rio Wins! Chicago is stunned. Sadhu Aufochs Johnston clears his desk before Mayor Daley begins looking for a scapegoat. Here's a thoughtful commentary from a Chicago columnist on the loss - will the 2016 dream live on?


Ouch. The Barry magic doesn't seem to work on that side of the pond and Oprah Windbag can't deliver either.

Maybe Michelle's speech, where she was caught out making lies about sitting on her daddy's knee watching Carl Lewis win a gold medal . . . except she would have been 24 years old when he did, upset the IOC selection committee.

Those Euros don't like being toyed with.

In other breaking news, Jimmy Carter and Maureen Dowd are already screaming the IOC made a racist decision.

One cannot stop wondering what 'Aufouch' was the green stellar DCM candidate for Vancouver "contribution" on this "loser" bid? You know what I'm saying, don't you? So, it turns out that their screw up our gain. Mr."Cold Cycle Only" is going to be enjoying undeserved local Olympic exposure. Not that's his fault. As for Rio...I feel for them, really, I do. And to tell you the truth, IOC did not favor Chicago 'cause they were not comfortable doing business with someone more corrupt then them. You just can't trust these Chicagoan gurus.
No racism there. You can bet on that.

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