Sadhu spin machine kicks into high gear

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Sadhu Johnston talks with the media
Sadhu Johnston takes his message directly to the media

Is a thirty-five year old wunderkind from a Midwest commune who became a top aide to Chicago's mayor going to radically reshape Vancouver, or will he just be another political casualty if or when Vision Vancouver's government falls? Only time will tell if Gregor Robertson's hand-picked choice for Deputy City Manager can succeed in his quest.

Certainly, the Mayor's office spin machine is kicking into high gear, softening up the public for a more high-profile, self-promoting style of city bureaucrat named Sadhu Johnston. P³ (aka Penny) will have to watch her back as her publicity-embracing #2 develops his own agenda for the city, and the media warms to him. has spoken to several people inside and outside Chicago City Hall who have watched the meteoric rise of Sadhu Aufochs Johnston up close. Stay tuned for a feature report, Sadhu Johnston: Views from Chicago.

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