Raymond Louie finds Burrard Bridge billboard "graceful"

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Vision made a few more PR slip ups again this week. How long will this last before something gives?

Another week for Vision, another set of PR disasters. Late today it is being reported that Mayor Gregor Robertson is about to flip flop on the Olympic by-law restricting people's right of expression during the Olympics. Even some of his die-hard supporters have quietly expressed their concerns about his by-law over the last few weeks.

Today's Province newspaper also highlited a story about the Mayor's caucus colleague and her lame attempts at explaining the endorstation she provided of Teach 2010's VESTA's (Vancouver elementary teachers union) distasteful campaign to brainwash our kids about the Olympics being bad. That issue still rages on in the blogoshere and beyond.

Now Vision Councillor Raymond Louie has also fumbled the ball when he went on the airwaves trying to explain Council's position regarding the installation of a massive digital billboard at the foot of Burrard Street Bridge.

In an interview with popular drive home radio host John McComb, Louie was asked what his Council was going to do about the construction of these new digital billboards. Here is a portion of Councillor Raymond Louie's response:

Raymond Louie:To be clear, we respect the rights of the Squamish nation to pursue economic development but we're hopeful that as a result of further discussions we can find a graceful way to place this onto the Vancouver landscape.

John McComb: Appreciate your time thank you. Councillor Raymond Louie with Vision Vancouver looking for a graceful way...(host laughs)...to put up a 34 foot billboard (laughs). These guys just slay me sometimes. They just slay me. We are going to look for a graceful way to put up a billboard that's 34 foot wide and 10 feet high that rotates 6 times a minute on the Burrard St. Bridge. Unbelievable.

Love them or leave them, referring to massive digital billboards as graceful is a bit of a stretch. Raymond, was that really on Kevin's talking points?

Despite all the continued bad press, there appears to be no move afoot in the Mayor's office to make a change at the top and bring in some fresh blood. Vancouver Kid remains firmly in control of Vision's media spinnery and he continues to be their main point person on issues management. This doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

As one NPAer pleaded with me this week, "stop openly encouraging the Mayor to get rid of his communications staff. They're they only weapon the NPA has left."

Note to our readers: We have received several emails from the BC Teachers Federation asking for us to make corrections to a couple of our posts. They indicate that VESTA has nothing to do with the Teach 2010 program. Here is a copy of the email we received on Saturday morning:

City Caucus writers,

Thank you for striking out the word "sponsorship" from the "Vision's School Board chair defends political program aimed at children" story. However, "endorsement" is just as inaccurate. There is no relationship. Please ensure your story in no way indicates an official relationship or misleads readers. A link was posted. That is all.

From the Teach 2010 website: "Teaching 2010 Resistance has not been officially endorsed by any educational body or teachers' union, nor are we seeking any such endorsement".

After reading another story on your website, I am also concerned about the quote, "VESTA's (Vancouver elementary teachers union) distasteful campaign to brainwash our kids about the Olympics being bad" in the "Raymond Louie finds Burrard Bridge billboard graceful" story. That too is false. There is no such campaign by VESTA. Please retract or change that as well.

Thank you for your continued attention to this matter.

Rich Overgaard
BCTF Media Relations



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