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NPA President Michael Davis will not continue as head of the organization

The President of the NPA board of directors has sent an email out to his fellow directors stating that he will not be putting his name forward to continue as president. Michael Davis, the public relations expert to took the role as the head of the board last December, stated that he simply does not have the time for the job.

Davis states, "I am, quite frankly, exhausted by the effort with only marginal success to show for it."

Speaking with, Davis says that there is a turning point happening in Vancouver civic politics. "In politics there are two main ingredients. You need money, you need volunteers. What the NPA really needs is for people to step up if they are interested in finding an alternative to Vision Vancouver."

Davis does plan to continue to aid the board with communications, but in the past 10 months he's worn too many hats to make the work sustainable for him.

"Whether people are just not interested in an alternative to Vision Vancouver, or if it was my style of leadership, it's not clear to me. What I do understand is that we need to shake things up, and me leaving from the job as president will perhaps help that. If people don't step up now, there's not going to be any alternative in 2011."

Asked about whether the city actually wants the NPA, or if they are going to be satisfied with Vision, Davis is philosophical.

"I like the core values that the NPA represents. And we debate this issue it seems each time we face political defeat. Should the Non-Partisan Association continue, or should another organization take its place? I don't have an answer for that.

"I don't like the fact that Vison are all voting in lock step without debate. I think there is an increasing sense that Vision are trying to be all things for all people. People may tire of this.

"There is definitely a big block of core voters that we need to reengage. Something will happen, but it's going to take more time."

The complete text of Davis' email to the NPA board is posted here:

Subject: Not standing for President

Dear fellow board members,

Please be advised that I will not be standing for President of the NPA after the October 14 AGM, nor will I accept nomination to the position.

I have put a lot of time and effort into building some basic structure, beginning to rebuild the connection to traditional supporters, finding funding to carry us through this challenging period, and on specific NPA events such as the campaign debrief, the supporter appreciation event and the membership BBQ.

In addition to these duties as President, I have been trying to fulfill the role of Communications Chair for the NPA and provide communications support to caucus.

I am, quite frankly, exhausted by the effort with only marginal success to show for it.

These efforts are hampered in part by differing visions of the future of the NPA. That’s politics, but I do believe you do need to select a leader with a vision that inspires you and is inline with your views of the association’s future.

I remain committed to helping rebuild the NPA and am more than willing to continue as Chair of the Communications Committee, should the new board desire.

As current President, I will chair the AGM and the first meeting of the new board until a successor is chosen.


Michael Davis

The news of Davis' sudden departure will come as a surprise to many of the NPA stalwarts who will be gathering Wednesday at 5:30 PM at the Vancouver Museum for their annual general meeting.


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The headline is a little bit misleading. Michael Davis has not resigned as President. He has just let the rest of the Board know he won't be standing for re-election as President post-AGM. But the truth is that we all lose our executive positions at that meeting, and it will be up to the next Board to reconvene and choose a new executive.

I would also like to add that Michael Davis stepped in as President at a very challenging time after the last election, and did a terrific job of holding the board together and moving us forward while we were still dealing the aftermath of the extremely divisive and counterproductive leadership battle last summer.

In doing so, he has helped us reach out to every wing of the party, and brought all past leaders and candidates together on a number of occasions to help re-unite our membership. In addition, Michael has helped us stand up an extensive support structure for our elected caucus including high level policy advisory panels and communications support.

In short, Michael has exercised great leadership at a difficult time, and steps down as President with the full support and gratitude of his Board of Directors and our elected representatives.

He will continue to work with the board on Communications, where his expertise will be a major asset to the Board in the coming year.

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