Is former Mayor Sam Sullivan planning a comeback?

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Sam scrummed: What will be Sullivan's next move?

One of the top questions I get asked when I make my way around town is "How's Sam?" I sense most people genuinely want to know what has become of the 15-year veteran of Vancouver Council now that he has stepped away from public life and is no longer the Mayor.

I've been in contact with him since leaving office and I know the first few months post-election were a bit strange for him. No more late night public hearings. No more responding to letters from upset constituents. No more attacks from the media. It was all a bit unnerving for someone who had committed himself to public life for so long.

Over the last several months, he and his fiancée Lynn have been doing a bit of travelling and he's picked up a few gigs as a guest speaker on the lecture circuit. However, Sullivan has also been busy mapping out what the next chapter of his life will be. Although he remains committed to working with the disabled community, his main passion remains the development and support of good public policy as it pertains to cities.

We have it on good authority that on November 5th, Sam Sullivan will be announcing a new direction. Will Sam get back into politics? Will he run Federally in the next election as some have surmised? Well, if I let the cat out of the bag now, nobody would show up for his news conference now would they?

The transition from public life to private life can often prove difficult for politicians. They've spent years being at the centre of attention and making decisions that can affect everyone's day-to-day lives. I'm hopeful that when Sam Sullivan announces what the next chapter will bring in his life, it will be embraced and supported by a community that has provided him with limitless opportunities.


Maybe he will finally announce that he is the publisher and proprietor behind the CityCaucus and who are the sources that finance the activities of the so-called 'volunteers' at the CityCaucus tower.

You guys crack me up. I just love all the Sam Sullivan conspiracy theorists. Sam is behind global warming. Sam is to blame for the world financial meltdown. Sam worked with "Bubble Boy's" dad on the big hoax. Get over it. Sam the bogeyman is gone.

If someone is getting paid to work at, they haven't told Eric, Erin, Mike or myself or any of the lowly minions at CityCaucus Tower. If you know of a way to translate this blog into a cash cow, by all means send us your ideas at We're all ears.

...Only to be replaced with Gregor the bogeyman. You guys crack me up... crack me up. Everyone knows that Geoff Meggs is the real mayor. He's the new bogeyman. Nobody is scared of Gregor Robertson (LOL). He's just a figurehead.

Where is Erin anyway, I thought she was going to be a regular? Is anyone publishing her right now? She was good (for the genre).

I saw Sam about 3 or 4 weeks ago at the West End Farmers Market. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the place was packed. I was wandering to the end of the stalls and then there he was.

He avoided eye contact and moved almost anonymously through the crowd. People make way for him but there was no "hi" "hello" "how are you doing" greeting going on.

None. Eery silence.

I went up to the woman staffing one of the smaller booths after he had gone by. We both looked at each other with the same expression. "You know who that is" I asked. "Yeah" she said. "Strange how he's not making eye contact and no one is acknowledging him". "Yeah i was thinking exactly the same thing. Glad he's gone."

I was curious if this was just the 30 or so people around me so followed him at a respectful distance. It was the same over the whole block -maybe 3 people said hi.

I'm sure this would not have been the case with any other of our past mayors, Philip Owen included. The only people I find defending Sam are the people who got to know him personally. And not surprisingly they are the one's most likely to leave Philip off a most loved/charismatic mayors list.

In contrast I once ran into Philip on the new Coal Harbour Seawall not long after he'd left City Hall. He called out hello and joked that I really did ride a bike. He was with a delegation from somewhere showing them around and could have just ignored me but he didn't. That says it all.

Thanks for your comments, BB. I left Philip of the list because I believe Owen was not known for charismatic leadership. I do think Philip did something amazing that few before or after him have done. He really became intimate with all corners in the city. I remember he used to an open line talk show with callers on a cable channel. I called him to ask a question and he said, "I know exactly what you're talking about. I was sitting in my car staring at that empty lot just the other day."

Owen was famous for this kind of stuff. He'd just hop in his car, go to some place like he was on the board of variance, and check it out himself. No entourage, no big fuss. Just Mayor Owen.

That was the nineties for you. None of the rancor that you experience on the civic scene today.

As for your assessment of Sam, it's too bad that you and the other person came away with that impression. Sullivan is a truly warm person, but not a baby-kisser in the typical sense.

Maybe that's what Vancouver wants – someone cuddly for Mayor. WAIT! Isn't that what we have now??

Hi. I'd just like to know where Sam is participating in the Torch Relay. He's a friend... and am sad at some of the comments made.... I'd like to see him in the relay... do you know the time and place.....? thanks.M.C.

Please respond to my e-mail address if you have time.....

Also, the "trail of the torch" in last week's Van. Sun.didn't show the streets very clearly... that's why I'm asking as he mentioned "Commercial Drive." ? ?

Check out!

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