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Montreal mayoral candidate said the biggest car women should drive is a Toyotal Tercel (as shown)

The race to become Montreal's next mayor just got a lot racier with the revelation that the three major political party parties are in a virtual tie. Meanwhile, one of the top contenders has landed himself in hot water as a result of an old CBC interview (en Francais) he did which just surfaced a few days ago.

By all accounts, this has been one of the nastiest civic campaigns in Montreal's history. After months of allegations and mudslinging, there are now front cover headlines about how Montreal has become "corrupt" and a "disaster". Mercifully, the campaign will come to an end on Monday Sunday.

According to a new Angus Reid poll, Vision Montreal has a slight lead (34%) over Projet Montreal (32%) while incumbent Mayor Gerard Tremblay trails at (30%). However, given the margin of error, all three party leaders are considered in a statistical dead heat. It will all come down to who has the biggest party machinery to get their vote out. The forecast is relatively good for Monday, so inclement weather shouldn't play a role in the final result.

In the dying days of the campaign, a YouTube video of Richard Bergeron, Projet Montreal has come out which could prove very damaging to his campaign. That is, if it has time to sink into the public psyche before then. Bergeron is on the Internet slagging women's driving abilities as well as boasting about how he almost ran over jaywalkers who were breaking the law.

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