He shoots, he scores a box seat at a Canucks game?

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Was that really Mayor Gregor Robertson Canucks fans saw whooping it up in a private box on October 5th?

A little note came our way a few days ago from a couple of die-hard Vancouver Canucks fans who claim they saw a top politico being wined and dined in the private box of a prominent local developer. According to our source, Mayor Gregor Robertson was seen having a jolly old time at the Garage on October 5th, the season opener for the Vancouver Canucks.

We've subsequently placed a FOI request to access the Mayor's calendar to determine whether he was in fact there. Our researchers also went down to Vancouver City Hall yesterday to check out whether the Mayor had filed any paperwork declaring such a gift, but we came up empty handed. The Vancouver Charter states that all gifts over $200 bucks must be immediately declared once they have been received by a local politician.

According to the City Clerk's office, they have no record of the Mayor declaring a gift of season opener Canucks hockey tickets. If it was Robertson in that private suite, it could very well be that he paid for his ticket and didn't receive a gift at all. Hence no need for declaration.

Guests of the Executive Suites at GM Place are afforded some exquisite nibblies while they watch the game. According their promotional material:

The Executive Suites menu is tailored to your tastes and needs, and those of the guests you are entertaining, offering a wide variety of menu packages, snacks, appetizers, entrées and desserts. The menu features both classic arena favorites and an extensive selection of Chef’s Signature items.

Perhaps the guests in attendance that night were munching on the "Breakaway Package" catered meal which costs $1,450. Seems a bit pricey to me, but it does include pan seared beef tenderloin medallions and popcorn.

Was that really Mayor Robertson those Canucks fans saw in the private suite on opening night? Or perhaps it was just some other guy who looked like the Mayor? We'll report back to our readers once we get a response to our FOI request regarding the Mayor's calendar.


Tell you what, if it wasn't him, find that guy, persuade him to change his legal name to Gregor Robertson and throw him in the race instead for the Mayor's office in 2011. Not that it didn't happened before.
And let the real Gregor go for something more suitable like the Mayorship of Hollyhock.
On the other hand, if that was indeed the Green Gregor than I'll change my legal name to Gregor Robertson and throw my hat in. Anything I can do to help. A public official should be beyond suspicion and speculation of any kind.

I've been in a box for a game. I believe the ticket price on the box seats says around $125 (maybe less). And even if it was the breakaway package, that's $72/head based on 20 people. Still under $200. Should we ask the mayor to have someone track his empty beer bottles at events like this for audit purposes.

I hate Gregor and his band of green reverends. I'm die-hard NPA

This is a lousy, petty, "story".

I think you missed the point of his story. I think it had more to do with the fact he could be sitting in a hockey box with a big city developer. As for the price of canucks tickets, where do you get box seats for $125? You have to be joking. Check out craig's list, they go for at least $250. If mayor sammy had been in the box, I think he'd have been raked over the coals by now, and rightfully so.

It was probably Aquilini's box. He is at all the Vision events now and you know as well as anyone that is how the game is played. You are stilled mad that you have lost all those privileges yourself. I agree that is is week thread.

You know, I thought the gift allowance was $80? Anyways, this stuff doesn't really do much for me except for the fact that he may have been there with a developer..now that is the ultimate no no in the public world.

Interesting afternoon reading:


Looks like Montreal is in the midst of a big corruption scandal. Makes Vancouver politics seem tame by comparison. Looks like some folks were a bit too cozy with elected officials.

Craigslist prices are not what tickets cost. I don't think there are many boxes that are purchased and then go out and scalp the tickets. Get yourself invited to a box once, Tess. Then maybe you will understand how it works.
Either way, what is the shame in a mayor being seen with a developer? I'd be upset if Gregor wasn't communicating and spending time with his biggest customers. Are they supposed to meet up at strathcona school with the Vesta people?

how much does a box cost and how many people will a box hold please answer

Who cares. If Robertson was in the box with Aquilini, does it matter how much money it cost? The real issue is he was apparently in the developer's private box. Does he currently have any developments before the city? Does anyone know that answer?

Top seats for the canucks can cost well over 200 and that doesn't include all the food and booze. I'm sure box seats are worth alot more that 200 dollars. I don't think they can seat more than 15 people.

So whatever came of this grand innuendo of Gregor at the Canucks game?
Because you know I saw good old Sam Sullivan a couple years back in the company of some very interesting characters, and I'm sure would create some interesting conjecture as to his actions and motives back then.

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