Economic strategy key to region's future proserity

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If Tim Hortons wants to operate in every city in Metro Vancouver, they need to apply for at least 22 separate business licences

My colleague Daniel Fontaine's guest editorial has now been published in both the New Westminster Record and the Burnaby Now. If you want the read it, simply click here.

The opinion piece focuses on why Metro Vancouver mayors need to work more closely together if they are ever going to stand a chance of making this region an economic powerhouse. Here is an excerpt:

There are 22 separate jurisdictions in Metro Vancouver, which regularly trip over themselves competing for jobs and investment.

This effort is not only counterproductive, it doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. With the exception of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, who has publicly stated more needs to be done to develop a regional economic plan, no other elected official has made this a priority.

Why hasn't the current global economic downturn triggered more innovative thinking from our elected leaders?

For example, let's say you're a business like Tim Hortons and you want to operate stores in all 22 cities. Then you need to apply for 22 separate types of business licence. How efficient is that?

Stay tuned next week as the team provide you with some in-depth analysis of Mayor Gregor Robertson's "Green City" plan.

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