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Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer admits to "stupid" behaviour when insulting Coleman

After broke the story on Thursday night about Andrea Reimer's insulting Twitter post about Minister Rich Coleman, there certainly was a lot of attention paid by Vancouver's media to this story. The crack team at CKNW were first off the mark, getting quotes from both Reimer and Rich Coleman on Thursday night before both hit the sack.

The always nimble 24hrs Vancouver managed to get some ink in their paper before Friday's edition went to the presses. CTV BC's website has this print story with interesting comments from readers, and of course there is the great video story by GlobalTV's Rumina Daya from Friday night's broadcast.

From what we're hearing, Andrea Reimer was left to twist in the wind on this one. It was such a poorly timed embarrassment for Robertson, who was mid-flight drinking champaign on a military jet with the Olympic flame while this issue arose, that no one from the Vision team would come to her aid. Judging by the Global clip, it looks like Reimer hadn't slept the night before.

While some were trying to position Reimer's actions as a matter of "privacy," most realize that it's about politics and personal judgment. Reimer lashed out because she is in accord with David Eby on the question of whether homeless people should have the right to freeze themselves outdoors during extreme weather.

Reimer used her Twitter and Facebook as a public stage for her opinions, not a private message sent to supporters. She has been humbled hard for her actions, and with good reason. Vancouver voters will have to add this to their checklist in 2011 when deciding if this is the kind of person they want representing them on council, should she decide to run again.

UPDATE: CBC reports on this story


Based on other pix, that is what she normally looks like after a lot of good, sound sleep.

Its not easy being progressive, of being smarter than everyone else, of carrying the weight of saving the world from greedy capitalists and global warming deniers.

With big responsibility, comes big baggy eyes.

A small price for our progressive betters to pay for making our lives hell on earth.

That is a sincere mea culpa, and I forgive her.

she kinda forgot to apologize to "all of the fat people". Rich can take it, but it says a lot about someone when they disagree with you and their response is, "yeah, well your fat."
But you're right Barru, it's tough carrying the weight of knowing what is best for everyone else.

Hell on earth. Give your head a shake.
And while you're giving someone hell for criticizing someone for mocking someone's weight you might not want to mock their appearance. (Myself, I might want to write a more straight forward sentence).

Brilliant Dan Murphy cartoon in today's Province. With Eby, Reimer and their ilk, Coleman is damned if he do, damned if he don't...which of course is political expediency and cant at it's finest/worst.

Andrea, your 15 minutes is up.

Check out!

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