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My colleague Daniel Fontaine has been writing extensively over the last year about the importance of developing a regional economic strategy in Metro Vancouver. At times I'm sure he's felt like a bit of a lone wolf as the subject rarely makes the headlines.

This Saturday, the Royal City Record and Burnaby Now have provided him some space in their papers to explore the issue with their readers. Here is an excerpt from his Op-Ed:

Lately there's been a lot of criticism of Mayor Wayne Wright’s taxpayer-funded delegation to seek economic relationships for New Westminster in Asia. The outcomes for the trip may be tenuous, but Wright is not the only Metro Vancouver mayor who believes that local cities can forge out on their own to attract economic development.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has also jumped on the overseas junket bandwagon. Corrigan claims that sending delegations to far flung countries is going to pay off in terms of more jobs and investment. Most recently, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson also announced he was going overseas to court business back to his town. This is in addition to him unveiling a new “Green Capital” economic strategy without consulting a single other city in the region.

If you want to read the full opinion piece, please visit the Royal City Record and Burnaby Now newspapers online this Saturday.

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