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Let's see if our readers can make Thursday's edition of the Vancouver Sun into a collector's edition!

Just a heads up for our faithful readers. Pack along some pocket change tomorrow TODAY and be sure to buy your copy of the Vancouver Sun with our first Op/Ed published in the popular broadsheet. Can't find a copy? Then grab one from the lobby at your dentist's office. will appear on the Issues page of Thursday's edition.

Here's a tease of what you'll read:

City budgets are hardly the stuff of water cooler talk here. In fact, despite repeated attempts to engage the public on how to prioritize spending, including community forums and internet surveys, the response from citizens is typically low.

However, with its accelerated deadline in December and the excitement caused by the PR, Vancouver’s 2010 budget might be worth a closer look.

Here's a link to our article on the Vancouver Sun – Your taxes: Going up maybe, spinning for sure

We're excited to be getting in front of the Sun's readers, and look forward to their feedback, and that of our coveted readers at

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There may be other reasons to buy, steal or borrow a copy of the Vancouver Sun.

Given the collapse of the Asper Empire, this paper may be one of the first on the auction block.

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