Are the VPD negotiating a new police facility through the media?

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call me, babe
City Council to the VPD – Call me, babe

A strange story caught the attention of the media monitoring crew on floor 21 of CityCaucus Tower this morning. Vancouver Deputy Police Chief Bob Rolls was saying how nice it would be to trade their Downtown Eastside digs for a new building near Boundary Road. The facility that houses the police and security operations centre for Vancouver's Olympics was leased out at Boundary Road & 1st avenue a couple of years ago by the city to VANOC. Apparently the VPD like it so much they want to stay.

Has anyone with the VPD formally brought this idea to the Police Board or City Council? Or is this just the VPD negotiating through the media?

We know that the VPD have been itching to get out of the DTES at 312 Main Street and into a new facility. Boundary Road is a long way from where they are at present – it's practically in Burnaby. The facility at 5th & Cambie, which is leased by the city, is also probably temporary. The location, at the perimeter of the city is an interesting choice.

We're often reminded that Vancouver is too expensive for many folks, including our civil servants, police and fire fighters. Is the Boundary Road location one way to attract recruits who live in the 'Burbs?

Stranger still is that the VPD feel it's okay to float trial balloons through the media. Imagine if the City's engineering department said it wanted to move the garbage transfer station through a press release. The City Manager would be understandably unimpressed.

As this is the first time we've ever heard of the VPD wanting to move to Boundary Road, we can't be sure if this actually has been vetted by the folks at City Hall. It's a sign of the power Vancouver's police department have when they don't have to use the usual protocols when asking for goodies.

Here's the story as it was reported today by CKNW.

Vancouver Police are looking to settle some growing pains without costing taxpayers too much.

The City's 2010 Olympic Headquarters could be the VPD's new home in 2011, 'It's a great deal. This is an absolutely unique opportunity. It's extremely unlikely that another building would come up that would suit our needs."

Deputy Chief Bob Rolls says the 190-thousand square foot space off Boundary and First would replace the VPD's 56-year old building on Main Street, "We're at a point that 312 no longer works for us. We've got issues with crowding and the building's not earthquake-proof or post-disaster and the VANOC's a perfect site for us."

The property, owned by the City, was leased to VANOC in the spring of 2006.



This has been planned by City Hall for some time. I think Bob Rolls is trying to sell the idea to his own dept more than City Hall. Apparently they are not too happy about moving to a location right at the edge of town. It may only be a temporary move while 312 Main St. is rebuilt.

Interesting. Thanks for the update.

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