Andrea Reimer must apologize to Minister Coleman for rude remark

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Is it the chip on her shoulder talking? Councillor Andrea Reimer disses Rich Coleman

It is with amazement and an amount of chagrin that we report that Vision Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer has personally insulted the one person in the Provincial government who has been most generous to our city. In a mean-spirited post on her Twitter page [note, link now removed by Reimer], Reimer refers to Minister of Housing Rich Coleman as follows:

Thinking about introducing a motion requiring police to pick up Minister Coleman next time in Vancouver and dropping him off at Jenny Craig.

Minister Rich Coleman is a big man. He's also seen as someone whose heart is firmly in the right place on the housing and homelessness file – note the thousands of units of housing he is providing. On one occasion, after he dashed up to a podium to speak out of breath, I heard him say, "Yes, I'm fat." But just because Minister Coleman can be self-deprecating, it certain doesn't mean that a sitting City Councillor can toss insults at him.

To date has held Councillor Andrea Reimer in relatively high regard within the Vision Vancouver caucus in spite of some shortcomings. For example, we've described what we see as a "chip" on the young woman's shoulder, that shows itself in a sometimes arrogant disposition in the council chamber. Today's remarks have us rethinking our assessment.

Tomorrow, Mayor Robertson will be joining several other dignitaries on the front steps of the legislature as the Olympic torch is brought to British Columbia, for the beginning of the torch running ceremonies. The actions of a member of his caucus certainly brings the work of Robertson's council into disrepute.

Andrea Reimer must apologize immediately to Minister Coleman to prevent further embarrassment to herself, her party and the city.

This will be a true test of Gregor Robertson's leadership. Reimer is seen as one of his closest allies on council. They both espouse a "green" lifestyle, and are closer politically than most of Robertson's caucus.

Reimer's remarks are a huge setback for the Mayor's attempts at generating goodwill with Victoria. She will have to be seen to be punished by Robertson for her idiotic remarks, removed from key files and as chair of the Planning and Environment Committee at least for the short term.

This is a huge loss of face for Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver on the eve of the biggest day for Vancouver in almost a generation – the symbolic beginning of the 2010 Games, and the arrival of the Olympic torch in Canada.

Reimer's immature remarks are unbecoming of her position as a Vancouver city councillor.

UPDATE: Since we've posted this story Andrea Reimer has removed the item from her Twitter. Reimer explains her remarks as a reaction to new proposed legislation to get the homeless off the street during extreme weather. She now says she "regrets" making the comment and will contact the Minister.

CKNW reports the story and NPA Councillor Anton reacts saying, "I'm not going to comment on the comment that was made on him, I think i'll let your listeners do that for themselves."


not surprised at all at her comment - [comment edited by CC for personal insults]


You forgot to remind our readers about the Mayor's press secretary comparing two cabinet ministers to a hockey goon. He then went on to say Minister Kevin Falcon was like a kid in a sandbox.

It looks like this type of silly childish behaviour and name calling also extends to elected officials. I suspect Robertson will ask her to apologize pronto.

"a desire to remain young and not face the responsibilities of youth, is the natural result of anyone who had a good childhood. The naive security of youth is looked upon fondly as an ideal state of being." excerpt from Peter Pan syndrom

How old is this Reimer? How old? Since before the election I thought that the whole Vancouver Vibrato slate was a whack job. But Andrea tops it! Not that I care for Coleman, no, not a bit, another political bozo. One would think that the old proverb "Birds of a feather flock together" has some truth. Hmm, not so much, we're talking Andrea here. The following link might be of interest to her future endeavours though.
And it works pretty well with her Twitter photo, too!

or maybe . . .

"Thinking about introducing a motion requiring police to pick up Andrea Reimer next time in Vancouver and dropping her off at the Centerfor Morons & Imbeciles."

lots of other possibilities

Reimer's comments will seem even more justified when Coleman's law is torn up by the courts. This law will not survive a Charter challenge. Meanwhile, IMHO Coleman's heart is only in the right place if you love sweeping homelessness under the mat and forgetting about it.

These comments from Andrea really do not surprise me; do your research when she was School Board. Andrea is very much anti anything that will help someone – unless it is government picking money off the "money tree" and wasting it.

Take for example – corporate sponsorship for inner city schools! She put a stop to that.

She is also a Green Party member – who believes that ALL drugs should be legalized, that people should live in unrealistic high density community style living, and that homes should have chickens in their gardens.

Hummm – maybe Andrea should pack up and move to a 3rd world nation where people live in communal huts and eat hallucinogenic plants all day!

Such disrespect for people – it is deplorable as she not only insults Mr. Colman – but to all people who are overweight!

Another moronic comment by a public official. Thankfully we have all of these digital outlets like Twitter and Youtube to permanently catch these idiots.

For somebody who has been in public life for some time, I have to wonder what was going through her head when she typed that out. Either pot smoke or clean air, take your pick.

City Hall is out of control. The Vision politicians have turned out to be considerably different people than they presented themselves to the electors just one just one year ago.

Another testament to the fact that the level of "good help" found at City Hall has fallen to an all-time low. Where are the Art Phillips, the Setty Pendakurs, or the Mike Harcourts of the world when we need them?? Especially with the eyes of the world soon to be on Vancouver. I like Twitter as much as anyone for its connections in a post modern media world, but, come on, sophmoric (moronic) comments made there do little to lend any credibility to the current crop of counsellors.

BTW, if you want to learn anything about what's really going on at City, take Reimer or Deal out for a couple of drinks..Tweet. Tweet.

Kids in the Hall, indeed.

His quote was actually, "Yeah, yeah, I know, I've got to lose weight." It was at the 2008 Liberal Convention at the Chateau Whistler. Got a lot of laughs.

Thanks for the correction, Jesse.

Why is it that a personal attack on someone's size or weight is still an acceptable form of prejudice? Ms. Reimer is actually what she purports to be against - a nasty bigot. She has no credibility.

What Reimer did was a real slap in the face to everyone with a weight problem. Even if she apologizes to the minister, she needs to say "I'm sorry" to everyone else who is suffering from a weigh problem. As a thin person she might find it funny to mock over weight people, but her words are hurtful and damaging to people's self esteem. These words coming from someone who claims to be progressive. What bulls%$#.

As someone who lives in Rich Coleman's riding I find the Twitter comment quite funny. Rich Coleman can take it.

okay everybody, take a valium

How does anyone with a face like that take a shot at someones appearance. The best thing Coleman can do is pretend he doesn't know who Andrea is. She is just some irrelevant wacko and by responding he would give her a profile which she doesn't deserve.

Andrea Reimer is not someone who should be commenting negatively on other people's physical imperfections. I saw her on Global TV last night [personal remarks removed by].

Reimer is a true whack job who needs to move on from Council. We need a Council with some class.

I guess your physically perfect then?

I thought it was funny and it improved my image of Reimer.

Check out!

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