Woodsworth is right again! City should sell Olympic tix

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Ellen Woodsworth seems to be hitting her stride with second smart proposal in one week

Staff here at CityCaucus Towers are changing their tune on Councillor Ellen Woodsworth. To date we've not been terribly impressed by her performance on Vancouver City Council. That changed last week when she moved a motion for the UBCM conference to shut down access to foreign donations in municipal election campaigns. Perhaps the greatest abuser of this Elections Act loophole is Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.

In an interview with crack 24Hours reporter Bob Mackin, Woodsworth is pushing hard for the City to unload about 800 Olympic & Paralympic Games tickets purchased for staff and dignitaries. Vancouver should try to recoup the funds in order to reduce the impact of its current fiscal predicament.

We couldn't agree more with Woodsworth on this one. VANOC is just about to launch its ticket re-seller website, and the City of Vancouver should be the first customer to test it out. According to Vancouver2010.com ticket holders will be able to re-sell their event passes through them.

We are developing an online ticket management program that will allow spectators who have purchased tickets but cannot attend to post their tickets for re-sale. A similar option is being explored where spectators will be able to donate tickets they cannot use to a local charity. The ticket management system will be available in fall 2009. Ticket holders must abide by the ticketing terms and conditions. The reselling of tickets through any source other than vancouver2010.com is prohibited and may result in tickets being invalidated.

Mayor "Geoff" Meggs shrugs off Woodsworth's wise suggestion, saying

Olympic cuts are unlikely with less than five months before the Games. "Most of our expenditures are booked and committed."

Plans to erect a shrine to Councillor Woodsworth on the 26th floor of CityCaucus Tower are now taking shape. When someone on this City Council comes up with two good ideas in the span of a week, we think they deserve special credit.

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I am pretty sure you meant the misprint of "Mayor Meggs".

It is very fitting. Mini Larry, dressed to the 9's these days, should have been dressed as one of the Olympic Mascots, or should I say hairballs.

This guy has orchestrated the most expensive boondoggle since his previous master, Glen Clark's fast ferries.

Muggs and Green, with his trademark Pork Barrel Hat, should be ashamed, the visionless bunch should all be tossed next time around.

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