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The famous dandy Oscar Wilde knew the importance of people talking about you

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about"
       - Oscar Wilde, Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet

For our readers who don't make it over to State of Vancouver, we draw your attention to a post by a riled up Frances Bula. We've been accused by her of conducting a jihad of sorts against select media, while propping up the former government of the city. That's news to me.

I've had exactly one conversation with Frances Bula in my entire life (a breakfast meeting in August 2008), but she apparently has me sussed. We have to thank Frances for taking the time to explain to her readers why exists, and our motivations for writing it. We've done nearly 900 posts here since last December, most often skewering Vision Vancouver for what my friend Thomo from Birkenhead would describe as a "sh*t job" governing the city.

We've also written dozens of posts on policy, railed against urban sprawl & government secrecy, identified links between interest groups and the city's power brokers, and uncovered multiple stories from city hall that would otherwise never seen the light of day. has also invited writers from a range of political backgrounds to post here, including a full-time center-left correspondent, our own Eric Mang.

Both Daniel and I have been highly critical of the NPA, and we've always been upfront about our involvement with centre-right politics. When we're wrong we're quick to admit it (as rare is that is!). To top it off we often write with wit, and add colourful and sometimes amusing imagery, and we provide opinion (like all blogs should) & diverse voices that makes a unique stop on the Canadian political landscape. It is for these reasons that we've attracted nearly 200,000 visitors since our launch. And all this for a few hours a week of our spare time.

But apparently it's all about a "grudge."

If there's one thing we've learned since starting this blog is that the people who like being talked about the least in the context of a political story is often the people who report it. This is something you'll never read about in the mainstream media. The truth is that the media are sometimes not just telling the story, they occasionally are the story.

It's for this reason alone that blogs have turned the media world upside down, and thank god they have. I don't know about you but I'm not looking to go back to a time when only a few reporters or commentators controlled the message. is merely one spot on the net, yet we seem to have raised the hackles of many. Vision Vancouver and their ilk can continue to use media figures to spin you, or various sycophants to challenge our point of view. Disparaging us for keeping everyone on their toes however, or dismissing us as keepers of a long-burning grudge is yet another tactic by Vision to stave off criticism.

Read, and the others, and use your own critical judgment as to where the real agenda is.

Like Oscar Wilde reminds us, we're just glad that we're being talked about.

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