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Spin CycleWhen was the last time you heard the City of Vancouver talking about its budget shortfalls in the media? Can anyone remember when the city was giving exclusive interviews to select reporters on the subject of city budgets? Or holding press conferences, like the one being held today by City Manager Penny Ballem?

For City Hall watchers, these are tactics many are seeing for the first time. What does it all mean?

For example, did you recall that according to a staff report the City of Vancouver had a $57.4 million budget shortfall last December? Neither did we, which makes us ask why all the fuss about $61 million?

Will Penny Ballem make the right moves and get rid of duplication in services at the Library, Police and Fire Departments? What kind of tax increase are residents and businesses in the City of Vancouver going to get?

We think it's time to put Vision Vancouver's story into the de-spin cycle. Stay tuned for news and analysis here at over the days to come.

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You forgot to mention that the Dec 2008 city report also originally forecasted an 11% property tax increase. 1% higher than what Ballem projected yesterday.

What do you expect from a bunch of amateurs? They have a political agenda that over rides the ability to pay. But then the voters are getting what they voted for--in spades.

So the 2008 forecast was 11% hike, and that would be based on revenues and expenses brought in by the former administration?

Check out!

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