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Hey, when we get it wrong we're happy to acknowledge it. Today we wrote about Andrea Reimer's proposed trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, where she's being promoted as a speaker in a media release from last week on open source technology at a conference. Councillor Reimer has let us know that she has declined the opportunity to fly overseas to attend this conference.


Thanks for correcting the record Mike. Unfortunately I don't have alot of control over the number of invites I get to speak, but of course I have alot of control over whether I choose to accept. Always happy to take a call/email if you want a more direct source on my schedule.

Very happy to see politicians embrace open source. Just like democracy in our daily affairs, we need it in software as well. Especially since computers play ever increasingly more important role in our lives.

The stuff - data - you produce with software bought or free should belong to the creator of the content, not corporations who wrote the software, like Microsoft. Plus open source projects encourage community, co-operation and solving problems as a community as a whole.

Those are powerful and important concepts. I am happy to see Andrea promote open source, embracing it and making a great use of it at the city hall in the service of the citizens.


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