New Deputy City Manager for City of Vancouver unveiled

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Sadhu Johnston leaves Chicago to become Vancouver's new Deputy City Manager
Sadhu Johnston leaves Chicago to become Vancouver's new Deputy City Manager has received a tip from one of our Chicago contacts that the new Deputy City Manager for Vancouver will be Mr. Sadhu Johnston, who is leaving the role of Chief Environmental Officer (CEO) with the City of Chicago. The City of Vancouver confirms with this release issued over an hour after our story was posted.

Johnston, 35, has worked for the City of Chicago for six years, and was chosen by Mayor Richard M. Daley for the newly created position of Chicago's CEO. Chicago makes the claim of being "the nation's greenest city" according to spokesperson Jody Kawada from Mr. Daley's office.

As Mayor Daley’s Chief Environmental Officer, Johnston is responsible for oversight of all City of Chicago environmental initiatives. Prior to serving in this capacity, Johnston served as the Commissioner of the City of Chicago Department of Environment (DOE). He was appointed by Mayor Daley in July of 2005 after serving as the Assistant to the Mayor for Green Initiatives. His responsibilities as commissioner included the overall management of DOE, which administers programs to protect and restore Chicago’s natural resources, reduce waste, clean up brownfields, promote energy efficiency and reliability, educate the public about environmental issues, and enforce the City’s environ­mental protection laws. Prior to working for the City of Chicago, Sadhu served as the Executive Director of the Cleveland Green Building Coalition.

"Sadhu helped develop our Green Permit program to encourage environmentally-friendly building design," adds Kawada. "He's worked on Chicago's Climate Action Plan, its Blue Cart recycling program, our Green Jobs Strategy and the development of an e-waste disposal program."

Mr. Johnston clearly is a true believer in living right with the earth. Raised in communes from India to Colorado, educated at Oberlin College in Ohio, an avid bike commuter and the proud builder of not one but two compost piles at home, Mr. Johnston might seem an unusual type to be a top aide to Mayor Richard M. Daley, but he will be in cozy company with Vancouver's farmboy mayor Gregor Robertson, also an avid back-to-the-lander.

Johnston might finally put some teeth into Robertson's "greenest city" proclamations. Since announcing the GCAT committee last winter, Vancouver's green initiatives have been tepid affairs at best, such as the costly Gregor's Garden project on City Hall's front lawn.

Not only does Vancouver share Chicago's "greenest city" boast, but Johnston has been intimately involved in the Windy City's 2016 Olympic Summer Games bid, which like Vancouver 2010 is supposed to be a catalyst for green development.

The position of Deputy City Manager became vacant due to the sudden resignations of former DCM's Jame Ridge and Jody Andrews.

According to Kawada, Johnston has dual US/Canada citizenship, and is moving here in part to be close to family located in Vancouver.

Click here to see a video of a speech by Sadhu Johnston.


Great scoop! You guys did it again. I'm sure the city is scrambling to draft their news release as we speak.

Oh boy, another global warming hysteric put in charge of things that will cost us a lot of money in pursuit of useless policies to reduce our "carbon footprint"

Glorious. Just glorious.

Hang on to your wallets my friends . . . nothing scarier than a global warming progressive greenie with the authority to spend your money.

He looks like a kid! It will be interesting to see how, and if he has the experience, to deal with the crap at City Hall!! I wonder if there is going to be a second Deputy hired as well?

Hey Rebecca,

He's the same age as me - I feel like I've accomplished nothing...

Considering the initiatives he has launched in Chicago (which most likely required Johnston to negotiate the bizarre world of Machine Politics) and the confidence invested in him by Mayor Daley, there are strong indications he has the experience.

In other words, from what I know about Chicago city politics (and the Windy City ain't exactly a small town - 4th largest in North America while Vancouver doesn't make the top 30), Johnston has the experience to deal with the "crap at City Hall". Whether he'll put up with it is another question.

There are hundreds of highly skilled and educated people out of work in The Greater Vancouver Area, and they can’t find a Deputy City Manager for the City of Vancouver IN Vancouver.

Check out!

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