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Cutting back on emissions: Cadman's low-carb delivery to the ICLEI faithful

The man known as Carbon Cadman is now on a sort-of "Atkins diet" of airline travel, cutting way back on the carbs. Carbon emissions, that is. After having his Metro Vancouver budgets for flights to conferences go under the microscope, it appears that the COPE councillor is choosing to be a bit more thrifty, and hip at the same time. He's going where all the kids are today – YouTube!

The video shows him sporting his best grey suit, flanked by the BC and Canadian flags, and standing at a City of Vancouver podium loaned to him. Cadman is careful never to raise his eyes from the script before him. A couple more Toastmasters sessions and this will be old hat for him.

The ICLEI gang probably hang on their Great Leader's every word, but it was a positively mawkish speech to me. Yes, cities have the power to change...I'm standing in the basement of City Hall when I could be in New York with Obama...blah blah.

Earlier on Tuesday, within minutes of posting the information that Andrea Reimer had been scheduled to speak at a conference in Jakarta, we got a snap response from Coun. Reimer herself saying that she'd declined the invite. It's also rumoured that a few weeks back City Manager Penny Ballem would forgo a visit to New York because she didn't want to invite a backlash from, ahem, critics.

Now we have Cadman, after years of junkets and hundreds of thousands of dollars of public expense, giving his new low-carb delivery via internet. We must all be thankful that with belts tightening all around, and discretionary spending drying up within governments, that our friends in Vision and COPE are taking precautions to both speak and act in the spirit of sustainability.


It's a minor thing, but shouldn't Cadman have two Canadian flags beside him? I think proper protocol for an international leader would be to have the flags of his nation (not province) at his side. Perhaps someone more versed in international protocol could weigh in.

Maybe he could borrow Obama's teleprompter ?

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