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CityCaucus.com's Mike Klassen appears on TALK1410 with host Nikki Renshaw this afternoon (Wednesday) at 2:15 pm (PST) to speak about the City of Vancouver's money woes, and their apparent effort to spin this story into a political win for Vision Vancouver while blaming the NPA.

cknw_logoIn addition, Daniel Fontaine joined Frances Bula (Jim Green was away this week) for their weekly civic affairs panel on top-rated CKNW radio on Tuesday from 9 am - 10 am (PST). The topics of discussion included the impacts of the economy on Vancouver budgets, as well as a lively discussion with callers about Vancouver traffic, resignations at City Hall, and the troubles with turtles in Burnaby Lake.

cbc-logoYou can also tune in every Monday at 7:40 am (PST) to CBC's Early Edition in Vancouver to hear CityCaucus.com's Erin Chutter.

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