Breaking News: Toronto Mayor David Miller will not run in next election

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All of us at are at a spa retreat this morning, so we'll post this bit of news from the Toronto Star... We note that Miller is using that old nugget about "needing more time with family" as his excuse for leaving City Hall.

Citing the importance of family life and his record of accomplishments in office, David Miller said this morning that he will not seek re-election as Toronto's mayor next year.

Miller noted that his son and daughter were born after he was first elected to Metro Council in 1994, and said pressure on his personal life intensified after his election as mayor in 2003.

If he ran next year for a third term, his daughter Julia would be in university and son Simon graduating from high school, the mayor told supporters and media gathered at his city hall office.

"This would not have allowed me to be there for them in the way that they deserve," Miller said.


Maybe Jack Layton should be looking over his shoulder?

First CUPE takes down Sullivan. Now they've taken down Miller. Which mayor will be next?

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