$100K Olympic sized report is MIA

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Crews come up empty handed in search for $100K KPMG Olympic Village report

With all the rhetoric toning down from Mayor Geoff Meggs and his Vision Vancouver crew regarding how bad the Olympic Village project was managed, you'd be forgiven if you forgot about a costly report they commissioned a while back. One of Vision's first acts as government was to sign a contract valued at $100,000 with accounting firm KPMG to provide council with a detailed analysis of the financial viability of the Olympic Village project. The report is now apparently gathering dust on someone's shelf.

Despite the absence of any findings/recommendations from the consultant, Council moved forward and began making some critical decisions on the future of the project. So what did taxpayers get for up to $100K? Well, it appears that Vision and its new City Manager are not too excited about sharing that information with the media and the citizens who paid for it.

Councillor Suzanne Anton confirms that she posed a series of tough questions to the City Manager over the KPMG Olympic Village report in today's council meeting. There were few (if any) real answers to her questions. However, the question and non-answer session did demonstrate that the findings won't be made public anytime soon. According to Coun. Anton, "I asked if I could see a copy of the report which I naturally assumed would be made public at the first possible opportunity. The revelation this report has been shelved confirms what many have suspected – that its real purpose was to spend taxpayers dollars to bash the previous administration."

So what did Vancouver's "bubble boy" mayor have to say about the KPMG review when he first announced it with great fanfare last December?

This review is being undertaken in line with my commitment to provide the citizens of Vancouver with as much information as possible about the financial arrangements consistent with the City's legal and financial interests. As the City's external auditors, KPMG is ideally suited to undertake this task.

Huh? If he wants to be so open and transparent, why are Anton's questions about this report always met with obfuscation? Could it be that the consultant's report didn't turn out as bad as first thought? Hard to tell given the report hasn't seen the light of day.

I agree with Anton on this one and think that Vision should immediately ask the City Manager to reveal the total cost of this report, and make the findings public. Anything short of that indicates the Mayor's commitment to an open and transparent government is nothing but another broken campaign promise.


And are we surprised?????

This comes as no surprise wit this administration

Thanks for keeping up on this.

Anton normally bugs me, but she is certainly serving a welcome role on the current city council.

I had high hopes for Robertson, but they are quickly being dashed.

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