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It's been a while since we've provided our readers with a summary of the online polls we conduct here every day. We've asked a number of hard hitting questions and thousands of you have responded to reveal some very interesting "non-scientific" results.

Here are a few of the questions we've posed and a summary of how you voted.

Do you think that Canada Line can attain its ridership goals within the next decade?

  • No (31%),
  • Not Sure (20%)
  • Its just another Olympic boondoggle (24%)

Should the City of Vancouver allow media to video the South East False Creek Athlete's Village site?

  • Yes (51%)
  • No (24%)
  • Don't Care (24%)

What do you think of the Critical Mass cyclist protest in Vancouver?

  • They should have all been arrested (42%)
  • Don't these people have jobs/ (28%), It's helped to make gains for cyclists (17%)
  • Way to go, big thumbs up (13%)

 Do you think water meters should be mandatory for all home owners?

  • Yes (50%)
  • No (26%)
  • Education works better (24%)

What do you think of the media's coverage of the Burrard Bridge bike lane experiment?

  • Poor (30%)
  • Fair (23%)
  • Good (17%)
  • Very Poor (17%)
  • Very Good (13%)

Who do you think would have the best chance of defeating Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson in 2011 as the NPA's candidate?

  • Arthur Griffiths (53%)
  • Tung Chan (39%)
  • Maggie Ip (8%)

Who do you think will become Toronto's next mayor?

  • David Miller (54%)
  • John Tory (23%)
  • George Smitherman (15%)
  • Karen Stintz (8%)

Do you think Burnaby taxpayers got value for the $8,000 they spent to send a City delegation to the New Orleans Jazz Festival?

  • No (83%)
  • No opinion (13%)
  • Yes (4%)

How would you rate Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson's handling of the new HEAT shelters?

  • Poor (77%)
  • Excellent (15%)
  • Fair (8%)

If a civic election were held tomorrow, which candidate would you support for Mayor of Vancouver?

  • Carole Taylor (70%)
  • Gregor Robertson (14%)
  • Suzanne Anton (14%)
  • Raymond Louie (2%)

Do you think cities should eliminate free parking as part of their commitment to reduce carbon emissions?

  • Go for it (61%)
  • No way (29%)
  • Waste of time, it won't work (11%)

Do you believe spending over $115,000 on COPE councillor David Cadman's international travel and conferences was money well spent?

  • No (84%)
  • Yes (9%)
  • I couldn't care less either way (7%)

Do you agree with the BC Supreme Court's decision to turf a city councillor from office for lying?

  • Yes (86%)
  • No (14%)

Do you think Vancouver's NPA party should nominate several candidates for council this Fall?

  • Yes (52%)
  • The membership should decide (26%)
  • No (22%)

Do you agree with Mayor Robertson that senior city staff are quitting because of their lack of productivity?

  • No (89%)
  • Yes (11%)

Those are but a few of the many polls that have been published on over the last several months. Thanks again to the thousands of you who have taken the time to have your voice heard.

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